Founder of Sunrise Asphalt, Les Silberman.

For over 30 years, Sunrise Asphalt has been providing Arizona with successful paving solutions. Sunrise Asphalt, located in Tucson, Ariz., is family owned and operated by Les Silberman, who holds three contracting licenses in Arizona, is certified as a master applicator by Seal Master of Arizona, and is an active member of his community.

His son Eli, who graduated from the University of Arizona two years ago, recently joined Les in the business. The father-son team works with over 10 employees, and plans to expand and hire additional employees in the near future. “We believe that our business stands out from other businesses in the field because we have established very strong and long-lasting relationships with many of our clients over the last 30 years,” says Les.  “In the past year, over 51% of our business came from return clients and of those return clients, a quarter of them referred new clients to us.”

Les’ tips for success are simple. Stay in contact with your clients to maintain an updated database, and show pride in being the business owner. Les makes sure to visit job sites to talk to the customers and personally answer any questions they may have instead of leaving it to the foreman. Les believes that owner supervision on every site ensures quality. “We have found since day one that customers like nothing more than dealing with the owner of the company,” says Les.

In addition to being present at the job site, Les makes himself available to clients by phone, web, and email too, so clients know that he is there for them. “Really listen to your clients ideas for their pavement needs,” suggests Les. To maintain quality standards, Les and his team conduct regularly scheduled meetings so employees understand expectations outlines for them.

To get their jobs done, Sunrise Asphalt relies on a set of trusty equipment, which includes two Lee Boy pavers,John Deere grading equipment, and Crafco crack kettles. “We’ve found Lee Boy pavers to be reliable and we like the feel and response of the John Deere levers,” says Les. A large Crafco crack kettle allows them run through two pallets of Crafco blocks a day for commercial jobs, and a smaller kettle is great for residential jobs. For sealing, the company uses SealMaster products because they’ve found the material to weather well in the hot Arizona climate.

The Silbermans strive to provide excellent work for their growing client base by keeping their skills and techniques up-to-date and attending educational seminars yearly. They’ve kept their company up-to-date too, launching the Sunrise Asphalt website in 2010. The site, which includes testimonials, coupons, contact information, and easy navigation, has been a big success for the business, says Les.

Both Les and Eli are very proud of the company’s success with return clients and referrals, a testament of satisfied clients. “We enjoy getting thank you cards and Christmas cards from our clients and really enjoy the bonds we have established with many of our clients,” says Les. As Sunrise Asphalt continues to expand, Les is mindful of keeping growth at a level at which they can still perform quality work. “We want to continue to interact with our clients and want to be their paving contractor for many, many years to come.”