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Chip seal is a process applied to your driveway or parking lot in which oil and pea gravel are placed separately. Oil and chip has been used for over 100 years to resurface driveways and parking lots. Oil is aplplied first to the base and heated by a distributor truck. Then the gravel is applied using a spreader box. Once the oil is completely covered with gravel, a roller is used to compact the pea gravel into the hot oil.

Chip seal is an alternative to asphalt. Chip seal is a natural gray color and cooler in the desert heat. It can be personalized with colored stone. Chip seal is often times less costly than paving and does not require maintenance like seal coating every few years. Chip seal typically lasts between 5-8 years depending on slope and number of layers used. Generally the parking lot or driveway cannot be used for 12-24 hours after being chip sealed.

Chip Sealing Job in Tucsonchip seal and asphalt