Slurry Seal Smooths Asphalt

Although there are many forms of slurry seal, the most common form used by Sunrise Asphalt is a Type II Slurry Seal. Slurry seal is a cold mixed paving process made from aggregate asphalt emulsions and fillers. Water is added in order to help with the workability of the material. Slurry seal is mostly used on city streets, parking lots and industrial parks. Slurry seal is a commercial grade treatment of the asphalt that has lost both sand and aggregate and now has a rough appearance, also referred to as raveling. Slurry sealing is a great alternative for asphalt with mild cracking as it helps fill in and hide the cracks. Occasionally we will recommend prep work be done prior to the slurry seal such as asphalt repair or crack filling for another layer of protection.

slurry seal