What is sealcoat? It is a bituminous liquid which is applied to asphalt  There are several types of sealer and each has their own advantages. Contractors will choose which one to use based a a wide range of factors. Now that you know what sealcoating is, it is time to go over the benefits.

Fights Oxidation

Oxidation is a fancy term for deterioration as a result of exposure to the sun and air  This process begins affecting the binding agents in asphalt pavement almost immediately. In some ways this is a good thing, as a small amount of oxidation is needed to allow the pavement to harden. Too much will cause the pavement to dry out and crack.  A single crack can accelerate the deterioration of pavement very rapidly.  Sealcoating protects pavement by slowing the oxidation process.

Improves Appearance

Appearances matter! Especially for businesses. Your parking lot is the first thing your customers will encounter when they are coming to your property. What kind of message does it send if your pavement is dingy, faded and degraded? You don’t want to place a single seed of distrust in the mind of a potential customer. Sealcoating will make you pavement look fantastic  It will be uniform, level, clean and professional looking.  It will also last longer. Talk about a win-win!

Water Resistant

Water is the pavement’s number one enemy.  Even here in the dry, arid Southwest, it is a problem. Actually, it can be even a bigger problem here. Dry air can cause pavement cracks. When it does rain, water gets in those cracks and creates potholes. Sealing not only slows down the formation of cracks, it keeps water from getting under the pavement.