Asphalt endures quite heavy wear and tear thanks to, well, it’s purpose! Heavy vehicles drive over it, park, and turn day in and day out. And that’s without getting into the weather! Rain, heat, storms. All of these will do a number on asphalt if it’s not regularly maintained and when that happens well it’s time for some asphalt repair!

This time on the Sunrise Asphalt blog, asphalt repair techniques!


Frequently Used Asphalt Repair Techniques 

There are plenty of different asphalt repair techniques ready to be put to work fixing roads, parking lots, or other pavement. The extent of the damage will determine which level of repair is needed and what your contractor, like Sunrise Asphalt, will perform! The damage might start off small but if it isn’t addressed right away that will only expand, the surface weakening until eventually the dread pothole. So get to it right away and the smaller, simpler repair techniques will suffice – let it linger and the repairs will be more extensive and costly.

Ok, with that out of the way let’s get to the different methods for asphalt repair.


Crack Sealing

The first step in any asphalt repair job is seeing if a simple crack fill can do the job! Cracks can be caused by any number of different effects including age, weather, or even just a poorly paved road. When the cracks first develop they can be filled using any of several different filling materials including slurry seal, hot mix asphalt, or another sealant. 

To repair cracks Sunrise Asphalt uses Crafco hot rubberized crack filler.  The filler is applied hot, squeegeed into the crack where it expands as it cools, reinforcing the asphalt surface. As the world’s leading manufacturer in pavement preservation, they know the stresses asphalt needs to be able to stand up to, and the needs of asphalt professionals like Sunrise to deliver quality service that stands the test of time.


For Deep Asphalt Repairs / Potholes

When it comes to larger repairs or repairs that need to go deep into the asphalt the bigger tools need to come out. Using a jackhammer, a backhoe or other equipment, a large rectangular patch of asphalt is removed entirely. This ensures that the weakened asphalt and any surrounding damage it has done is completely removed. Then the repair can begin in earnest with essentially a mini-paving job. The subsurface is filled in and restored, then the layers of asphalt and binder are applied.

Those are just the most common types of asphalt repairs that are out there, but there are others! Things like overlays to restore the asphalt surface. When it comes to these more advanced asphalt repair jobs there’s one thing to do – Call Sunrise Asphalt!

If your asphalt is past the point of a simple crack, it’s time to call in the experts to get your asphalt repair job sorted.

No job is too big for Sunrise Asphalt to handle, whether it’s a stretch of road with potholes or a whole new road construction, our crew of asphalt experts are here to help! We’ve been serving the Tucson area for over 40 years!


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