We’re Experts at Filling Those Annoying Cracks

Cracks are a common occurrence in the lifespan of a stretch of asphalt. There are many causes of cracking. The most common cause of fatigue cracking in asphalt is traffic loading, but that is only partially the problem. What allows the overload to damage the asphalt is often environmental influences that create a situation ripe for disaster.

Whatever the cause, the outcome is the same. The asphalt structure and foundation weakens, and cracks appear in the surface. These cracks, sometimes known as alligatoring (due to its resemblance to the skin of an alligator) are further weak points in the asphalt structure, letting in water and moisture which can in turn cause much larger problems such as potholes. When cracks occur, repairs should be done without delay to prevent the pavement from becoming brittle, and causing future erosion.

That’s where Sunrise Asphalt steps in!

Crack Filling with Sunrise Asphalt

Crack filling is the process of repairing cracks between the ¼” and ½” range, much larger than the repairs needed are more intensive. To fill in these cracks and restore the structural integrity of the asphalt surface, Sunrise Asphalt uses a hot rubberized crack filler.

To repair cracks Sunrise Asphalt uses Crafco hot rubberized crack filler.  The filler is applied hot, squeegeed into the crack where it expands as it cools, reinforcing the asphalt surface. As the world’s leading manufacturer in pavement preservation, they know the stresses asphalt needs to be able to stand up to, and the needs of asphalt professionals like Sunrise to deliver quality service that stands the test of time.

Why Work with Sunrise Asphalt

Sunrise Asphalt is a local, family-owned business providing Tucson with the best asphalt services for over 40 years. Every job has owner supervision, from start to finish, to ensure every job is done to the highest standard.  We use state of the art equipment and the most up to date industry techniques to deliver asphalt that performs. That’s why, every year, over 50% of our business is from repeat customers. They know who to call when they have asphalt needs to be met.

And now, so do you.

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Crack Filling FAQ

When should pavement be crack filled?

Crack filling should be done throughout the life of your pavement, as soon as cracks develop. 

What time of year can asphalt cracks be filled? 

While it’s easiest to fill cracks during the summer months, Sunrise Asphalt can fill cracks throughout the fall and winter, so long as it is dry to allow for the best environment for curing. 

How often should pavement be crack filled? 

Cracks should be filled as a part of routine maintenance, at least once a year. Again, when cracks develop the best time to fill them is right away.

Can all types of cracks be filled? 

No. At a certain point the cracks can be too large or the alligatoring too extensive for simple filling. At this point the structure and the layers of foundation below are too compromised for a simple crack filling.  

How long does it take the crack filling to dry? 

While crack filling is applied at incredibly hot temperatures, it cools in minutes. Allow it time to cure before testing it. 

Will the crack reopen?

Sometimes. The freeze-thaw cycle in the winter may cause a crack to reopen if there is excessive expansion. While most crack filling is flexible and will change with the temperature and as th epavement contracts it’s still a possibility. This is why yearly maintenance is a good idea.