Let Us Take Care of Your Next Paving Job

Paving is a process of applying hot bituminous mix (asphalt) to soil. Generally, complete removal and replacement are required. The old driveway is excavated and removed, a new base is created, and then new asphalt is added and compacted. The thickness of a layer of asphalt is normally 2 inches.

Asphalt cures as it dries, cools and becomes harder over time. Excavation of the sub-base is required before paving can be completed. The excavation and paving can be done on the same day depending on the size of the job and weather conditions.

After applying the asphalt, it will be compacted. Compacting is an important step because proper compaction prevents crumbling or sinking of the asphalt. A paved driveway or parking lot can last for approximately 12-15 years if cared for correctly. Life expectancy is also depended on usage, water damage and soil type. The type of asphalt used on a driveway (residential) and parking lot (commercial) depends on what type of traffic will be using it.

Generally residential is 3/8” rock material and commercial is ½” rock. Depending on weather conditions, nature and scope of work done, the driveway or parking lot can be used within 48-72 hours. It takes between 8-12 months for a new driveway or parking lot to properly cure but it can be used between 48-72 hours after being installed. In Arizona, in the summertime, a newly paved driveway can take longer to cure due to excessive heat.

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