Asphalt Repair

Just like anything in life asphalt or parts of asphalt have a shelf life. Asphalt Repair can be needed for a variety of reasons… older asphalt, under-maintenance asphalt, bad grading, bad compaction, or sitting in water. There are two ways to remedy asphalt in need of repair.


First an area is cleaned, then the area of repair is identified. Next a product named SS1-H is applied – think of it as super glue – for the new and old asphalt to adhere together. The last step is bringing in hot asphalt and repairing the area. Generally a 1-3 ton asphalt roller is used for compaction.


Over time, if enough water penetrates through cracks, it will lead to base failure. In the industry this is referred to as “alligatoring”.  Once this happens it spreads very quickly and the only solution for this is removal and replacement. First the area for repair is identified, next that area is saw-cut, then fully removed. The base is re-compacted and the open patch is filled with asphalt and compacted with heavy duty asphalt rollers.