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Paving is a process of applying hot bituminous mix (asphalt) to soil. Generally, complete removal and replacement are required. The old driveway is excavated and removed, a new base is created, and then new asphalt is added and compacted. The thickness of a layer of asphalt is normally 2 inches.

Asphalt cures as it dries, cools and becomes harder over time. Excavation of the sub-base is required before paving can be completed. The excavation and paving can be done on the same day depending on the size of the job and weather conditions.

After applying the asphalt, it will be compacted. Compacting is an important step because proper compaction prevents crumbling or sinking of the asphalt. A paved driveway or parking lot can last for approximately 12-15 years if cared for correctly. Life expectancy is also depended on usage, water damage and soil type. The type of asphalt used on a driveway (residential) and parking lot (commercial) depends on what type of traffic will be using it.

Generally residential is 3/8” rock material and commercial is ½” rock. Depending on weather conditions, nature and scope of work done, the driveway or parking lot can be used within 48-72 hours. It takes between 8-12 months for a new driveway or parking lot to properly cure but it can be used between 48-72 hours after being installed. In Arizona, in the summertime, a newly paved driveway can take longer to cure due to excessive heat.

Sunrise Asphalt Tools for Success

Sunrise Asphalt uses the best tools and machines for all paving jobs, working specifically  We use the LeeBoy 8500, a fully computerized, superior paving machine. It is perfect for paving parking lots, municipal work, driveways, subdivisions, state and county roads. It features a wide-conveyor system that produces the highest quality mat, fits on a trailer making it easy-to-haul to the job site, and has simple cable controls.  But wait, there’s more!

The LeeBoy 8500 asphalt paver comes with a 64 hp Kubota Tier 4 Final Turbocharged diesel engine which gives it the oomph it needs to haul a 7.5 ton material hopper full of asphalt.  At 12’9” long and 8’ 6” wide, the leeboy is built with a smaller footprint but has a wider and longer pull, with a variable paving width up to 15’! We could go on and on about the systems. It’s full computerized systems, it’s variable operator’s platform (available in Low Deck and High deck options,) you get it. This workhorse of a paver is chock full of options making it the perfect tool for our needs.

This means we get to work smarter, with less paving left to do by hand and decreasing the number of stops we have to make in a stretch. All of which speeds up how fast Sunrise Asphalt can complete paving jobs and how much quicker you can get back to driving on your asphalt.

Other Sunrise Asphalt Tools

In addition to our LeeBoy paver, we also utilize a Crafco hot crack machine that shoots hot rubberized crack filler into cracks of ¼ to ½ in. A Seal Master Squeegee machine that applies sealer faster, and over a wider area than anything else out there! And of course the range of hand tools and smaller pieces of equipment.

Our tools and equipment are just one part of the Sunrise Asphalt Difference. Without the experienced hands behind them the asphalt work wouldn’t be the same. It’s why we combine the best equipment, the best workers, and owner supervision on every job. Whether we use a LeeBoy or even out a patch with asphalt tampers, Sunrise Asphalt stands by every job!

Benefits of Sunrise Asphalt Paving

Sunrise Asphalt is a local, family-owned and operated business. Every job, from a pothole to a completely new paving job has owner supervision from start to finish. We’ve been bringing that same level of attention, care, and experience to Tucson for over 40 years!

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Paving FAQs

How Long Will The Paving Take?

Most paving jobs can be completed in a single day, depending on weather conditions and size of the job. 

How Long Until I Can Drive on the New Pavement?

Weather conditions permitting, most new stretches of pavement can be driven on ater 48-72 hours.

How Much Will Paving Cost?

Everyone wants to know the cost of paving of their driveway or lot, it makes sense! Unfortunately for pricing, every job, every driveway,  is unique and if we were to throw out a number here it would quickly be rendered useless! If you want an idea for asphalt paving costs for your project (and are in the Tucson area!), give us a call or contact us and fill out our estimate form.

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