We’ll Seal Coat Your Driveway or Parking Lot

Seal Coating

Seal coating is a process of applying a protective coating over an existing driveway or parking lot. Seal coating is the best way to prevent damage from weather conditions, gas oil spills, oxidation, and normal wear and tear.

It will prolong the life of asphalt protecting your investment. 

How Seal Coating Works

A seal coat is a transparent, solid barrier between the asphalt surface and everything else! Everyday use plus weather conditions loosen up the top laver of asphalt leading to erosion. Moisture then penetrates the asphalt, breaking it up over time and causing cracks to occur, which will allow water to eventually break the asphalt. Seal coating helps prevent the moisture and water from penetrating the asphalt surface and gives the driveway a “jet black” finish. Seal coating will also prevent oxidation caused by the sun in Arizona. It is preventive, and will reduce the amount of maintenance needed but will need to be reapplied every 2-3 years. Seal coating preserves your investment by keeping your driveway looking new for years. Generally, a driveway or parking lot will be usable 24-48 hours after being sealed.

Benefits of using a Seal Coat

Fights Oxidation

Oxidation is a fancy term for deterioration as a result of exposure to the sun and air  This process begins affecting the binding agents in asphalt pavement almost immediately. In some ways, this is a good thing, as a small amount of oxidation is needed to allow the pavement to harden. Too much will cause the pavement to dry out and crack.  A single crack can accelerate the deterioration of the pavement very rapidly.  Sealcoating protects the pavement by slowing the oxidation process.

Improves Appearance

Appearances matter! Especially for businesses. Your parking lot is the first thing your customers will encounter when they are coming to your property. What kind of message does it send if your pavement is dingy, faded and degraded? You don’t want to place a single seed of distrust in the mind of a potential customer. Sealcoating will make you pavement look fantastic  It will be uniform, level, clean, and professional looking.  It will also last longer. Talk about a win-win!


Water is the pavement’s number one enemy.  Even here in the dry, arid Southwest, it is a problem. Actually, it can be even a bigger problem here. Dry air can cause pavement cracks. When it does rain, water gets in those cracks and creates potholes. Sealing not only slows down the formation of cracks, it keeps water from getting under the pavement.

Benefits of Sunrise Asphalt Seal Coats

Sunrise Asphalt is a local, family-owned and operated business. Every job, from a pothole to a completely new paving job has owner supervision from start to finish. We’ve been bringing that same level of attention, care, and experience to Tucson for over 40 years!


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Seal Coating FAQs

How Long Does Seal Coating Last?

Expect a properly installed seal coat to last roughly three years. We cannot stress this enough, every road, environment, and situation is unique and these life expectancies for seal coating are best guesses.

How Long Until I Can Drive on the Seal Coat?

If you can, give your asphalt at least 24 hours before driving on it.  If the temperature is particularly cool, consider allowing up to 48 hours.

How Much Will Seal Coating Cost?

Everyone wants to know the cost to seal their asphalt, it makes sense! Unfortunately for pricing, every job, every driveway, every place is unique and if we were to throw out a number here it would quickly be rendered useless! If you want an idea for seal coating costs for your project (and are in the Tucson area!), give us a call or contact us and fill out our estimate form.

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