Over the last few years I have been seeing more and more news stories about people getting taken advantage of by dishonest and most of the time by contractors who are not licensed. There are many things to look for when choosing a contractor and ways to avoid getting ripped off.

1. Always check how long a contractor has been in business, theres a old saying, ” want to know how good a company is.. look at how long they have been is business”.

2. Always check their ROC license numbers, generally they are always on their business cards, and speaking of business cards a true professional will give you a business card within a minute of meeting you.

3. Rule of thumb is never hire anyone that is just walking your neighborhood going door to door trying to seek work, many times unlicensed companies will have someone go door to door saying they have extra martial  and they can do your job very cheap.. there is no such thing as extra martial especially with how expensive most is.

4. In Arizona we enjoy incredible winters that most midwestern states could only dream of. Arizona is notorious  for having contractors from other states drive all their equipment here and work here in the winter. There is a few things wrong with that, first off none of the out of state companies are licensed, bonded, or insured in Arizona which is against the law. They tend to do jobs extremely cheap and work primarily in cash. Now getting a job done cheap is ok if the work is good but almost always thats not the case, and when you call them to ask why your two month old driveway is falling apart their number is disconnected  and they are no where to be found.

5. Like we discussed earlier most jobs are done in cash without contracts so there is little recourse that can be taking if you were a victim, but for the future there is some actions that are recommended. If someone comes to your door and talks to you about work politely  explain you only hire licensed contractors from the state of Arizona. Always call the ROC and let them know there is a fly by night company  going around your neighborhood, they will usually send someone out to investigate.

Don’t be a victim of shoddy work by a unlicensed contractor from out of state or for that matter from Arizona, Always hire licensed reptile contractors!