Everyone likes a smooth ride in their car or on their own driveway, but potholes make that impossible.  Potholes are simply areas of the road or of your driveway that have cracked, worn away, and eventually grown from a few inches wide and deep to a few feet wide and several inches deep.  Potholes make for a bumpy and potentially dangerous ride, and can even damage car tires and your cars alignment.

Potholes develop naturally because of several reasons including water getting under the pavement.  Water has a way of eating away at unprotected asphalt and can get underneath the asphalt and create divots or potholes.  Fortunately, potholes can be fixed easily with hot mix material.  One way to avoid potholes is to seal your driveway.  When sealing your driveway the cracks in the driveway will be filled with a hot rubberized crack filler so that water cannot get into the cracks and below the asphalt.  Protecting your driveway by sealing it and filling the cracks will prolong the life of your driveway.