Paving your home driveway and walkways or business parking lot using asphalt is a cost-effective and durable alternative to concrete and can be attractive, too. Not only that, but maintenance is not at all difficult. Once the asphalt is installed, sealing your new surface is important to extend the life of the product. To seal it, remove any vegetation to help extend the life the surface and prevent additional vegetation growth. Clean the surface thoroughly, which will allow the sealer to adhere best, and fill in any cracks to prevent further cracking and use a high quality sealing product. You can roll it on or spray. Your asphalt surface will look great and serve you well.

Proper Maintenance is a Must

Over time, harsh weather, heat, and improper care, an asphalt driveway can develop fine to moderate cracks or it can be damaged by abuse. But these damages can be common and yet easy to repair. By properly preparing your asphalt project and by giving it proper maintenance by a qualified technician, your asphalt driveway, walkway or parking lot can go a long way to provide you with good service for a long time. But leaving your asphalt project without proper maintenance can lead to long-term substantial damage.

How to Get Long Life from Your Asphalt Project

The most important aspect of any asphalt project, from driveways to parking lots, is to be sure the basis of the installation is properly done by qualified technicians, such as Sunrise Asphalt. Like concrete projects, asphalt must have a well compacted base of gravel and sand to withstand time and earth movement. For those who buy a property that already has an asphalt surface that is in disrepair, the cracks and other damage that may exist can be fixed with rubberized crack filler. Remove any plant material so its roots are too far away to encroach under the asphalt surface and find their way topside.

Plan Ahead for Water Drainage

Water is not for practically any outdoor surface, including asphalt. So, when planning your new driveway or parking lot, water draining is a huge issue. Qualified technicians at Sunrise Asphalt have seen some pretty bad drainage problems and understand how they happen. For example, downspouts from buildings under a heavy rain like our monsoons must direct water away from the asphalt surface and edges so it doesn’t get under the surface to attack the base. Clogged downspouts are worse. The water just falls on the surface or near to cause damage. Have questions? Call Sunrise Asphalt’s friendly customer service representatives for answers.