Sunrise Asphalt Co. provides various asphalt services for Tucson, Arizona.  This includes paving, seal coating, chip seal, overlay work, crack filling and pot-hole repair.  Our client list is as diverse as the various asphalt services we offer.  Since 1979 we have serviced HOA’s,  churches, residential homes and commercial interests.

Seal coating is the Texas hold’em of the asphalt industry, and Sunrise Asphalt wins the poker tournament in Tucson every year.  In Arizona, the harmful UV rays from the sun are known to fragment the top layer of asphalt leading to unsightly pavement.  It is imperative to residents of Tucson, Arizona to understand that the desert climate is inherently aggressive because of the scorching sun. That is why seal coating in Tucson is necessary and should be done every two or three years to prevent damage to the pavement and to prolong the life of the asphalt.

At Sunrise Asphalt Co. we believe that seal coating extends beyond the realm of aesthetics and safety. Seal Coating will prevent damage from the everyday obstacles humans and the environment create: gas spills, oil sills, oxidation and normal wear and tear.  Moreover, seal coating  is a huge money saver.  Seal coating extends the life of the asphalt and in the long run saves money.  If it weren’t for seal coating, driveways and roads would have to be re-paved more often because of wear and tear and the hot climate.  At Sunrise Asphalt we know that we are more than the “asphalt guys.”  We understand that we help protect both residential and commercial property values and help keep everyone safer.