From a driveway to parking lot or other types of spaces, having a new asphalt project completed requires special care and consideration going forward. For example, once an asphalt project has been finished it is important to follow the instructions of the asphalt company to ensure that the newly paved driveway or parking lot does not become damaged. In most instances asphalt professionals will provide detailed instructions on how to handle a new asphalt surface.

Allowing A Curing Time

For example, it is always recommended to not park any type of vehicle on a completed asphalt project for at least 24 hours. This allows for curing time so that the asphalt can develop strength and integrity. Even something as simple as placing a large heavy-duty sporting equipment on a new asphalt surface can cause damage. Anything that has substantial weight simply should not be placed on a driveway or parking lot that has been recently completed. Once an asphalt project is able to accept vehicles it is important to park correctly.

Playing It Safe

For example, it is typically recommended to avoid turning the steering wheel of a car or truck while in the park position on a new asphalt surface. This can cause scuffing and other types of damage. Playing it safe will ultimately save homeowners money over the long term. Newly applied asphalt can easily become damaged and that is why it is important to follow proper procedures once a project has been finished. Even something as simple as placing a block of wood under a motorcycle kickstand can cause damage. Consider all aspects of proper care to ensure that your asphalt project remains in good condition

Automobile Engine Oil Can Damage Asphalt

Avoiding permanent damage and markings on a new asphalt project requires close adherence to all these recommendations. In addition, oil-based products such as fuel and automobile engine oil can damage asphalt. It is important to immediately cleanup any oil-based products that come into contact with asphalt. Typically speaking a sponge or dry cloth or any other type of absorbent material will quickly absorb and pick up spills. In some instances a household cleaner can be used to remove oil-based sills from asphalt. Contact Sunrise Asphalt today for the best in Tucson paving that gets result.