In our previous post we began discussing the traits you want when looking for a quality contractor. When you employ a contractor you are not just hiring someone to do a job; you are entering into a partnership. You may have to work closely with this individual, especially if you are embarking on a large project! At Sunrise Asphalt, we like to consider ourselves some of the best in the business. We do quality work, and we treat people well, which is something we are proud of. Let’s look at a few more traits you want to see in a quality contractor.

History Of Success

You should always spend time vetting a contractor before you put pen to paper and decide to hire them. Look into their status with the Better Business Bureau and the Registrar of Contractors. The best of the best may have zero complaints filed against them. Look into their reputation around town as well. Talk to individuals who have previously employed their services. Many of the best contractors find much of their business coming from return clients so they will likely have excellent referrals. At Sunrise Asphalt year after year over 50% of our clients are return clients.

Provide Detailed/Transparent Estimates

After the potential contractor has performed an inspection or appraised a job, they will offer you an estimate. It is important that this estimate is as detailed and transparent as possible. Do not be afraid to ask about each of the costs listed on it. Sometimes the lowest estimate is not the best. They may have underestimated the scope of the job or failed to factor in costs that other contractors anticipated. Unusually low estimates almost end up exceeding the initial budget. As long as you ask questions, and take your time, finding a quality contractor should not be a problem