Whether you’re hitting the road for a long trip, or just driving to and from work, all of us use mobile apps like Google Maps to help us through the drive and to avoid traffic. But there are many more driving and traffic apps on the market that you might not know about. If you’re looking for an app packed with multiple features to get you to your destination, consider downloading one on these….


More and more people have been downloading Waze, and for good reasons. First, of all, Waze puts you in touch with other Waze users on the road. There is a feature that lets you pick from a list of things to look out for including where the police are located, if there is heavy traffic or even if a car is disabled on the side of the road. While none of these alerts provided by other Waze users is 100% accurate, it tends to to more accurate than not.


Without a doubt, Roadtrippers is a great app when it comes to actualy taking a long road trip. Unlike other driving apps, Roadtrippers markers interesting sites to see along the way. It also has great reviews from its users.


Plugshare is an absolute necessity for those who are driving an electric car. Plugshare not only maps out your destination with the fastest route, but also marks every charing station along the way.