Pothole Problems

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Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog. Last time we informed our readership all about roundabouts and their benefits. This time we will take a look at something that just about every road has, and no doubt as a driver you have experienced it yourself. These don’t have any benefits at all. They are just a nuisance. We’re talking about potholes.

Potholes are structural failure in the road surface. This failure is due to the presence of water in the soil beneath the asphalt pavement. The water will weaken the soil structures then the traffic passing over the road will further the degradation of the soil structure. Changes in temps both hot and cold can cause more destruction in the soil and will eventually cause the asphalt to collapse. The continuing traffic will then spit asphalt and soil materials out creating the pothole.

When it comes to fixing potholes, this is completed through patch work. The surface is cleaned, then an hot tac oil is applied. Following that asphalt mix is put over the top and compacted. This will result in the telltale square patch of darker looking asphalt. This patch should last several years. The patch will only be done when the weather permits to prevent any further damage. I

If you are experiencing problems with potholes, report them to the city for repairs. The American Automobile Association performed a study that some $3 billion in damages are done in the U.S. to potholes alone, with 16 million drovers affected. If you have a patch that needs repairing on your own space, you know who to call.

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