In the writing of last weeks blog, we can upon a wealth of information in regards to the various ‘Firsts’ of the traffic world. Last time we talked the first license plates, the first traffic signs and the first traffic light. Well, we have more firsts for you this time as well.

First Accident

The very first accident to involve a motor vehicle came in 1771 in Paris when a steam tractor hit a low wall. Reports say his insurance skyrocketed. Just kidding since there was no car insurance at this time.

First Fatal Accident

Lot’s of conflicting reports on this, with various dates all throughout the 1800’s. The earliest we could dig up was in…1834! this is when a steam carriage exploded killing four people. This may in fact have been caused by sabotage. But the story is long and convoluted and perhaps for another time.

First Traffic Ticket

The first person to receive a traffic ticket was in 1895 when John Henry Knight was fined for using his motor-tricycle on a highway.

First US Gas Pump

The first gas pump was installed in 1906.

First Paved Road

Court Avenue in Ohio, U.S. was the first road in the United States to be paved in 1893.

First Petrol Car

The first petrol fueled automobile was made in 1833 by a 27 year old.

First Parking Meter

The first parking meter was invented by Carlton Magee, an editor of a newspaper. He was the head of a committee that created it in 1933 to figure out ways to enforce stricter parking in town. The first meters got to work on July 16th, 1935.

Those have been a few more quick, fun first facts in the world of traffic and automobiles. We will continue  with more useful info when it comes to all things asphalt related.