Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog where we give you all the news you crave that’s fit to pave! We hope your year has been going smoothly so far, no bumps in the road so to speak. This time around we wanted to talk about a new service we are offering here at Sunrise, a new way of sealing that we think you will all appreciate. It’s called slurry seal and it has a number of benefits over a traditional seal coat.

We have talked at length in the past about the history of asphalt. From the ancient using basic bitumen or tar, all the way up to the Macadam method. At this point in time, roughly 94% of all paved roads in the US! But that doesn’t mean the techniques, the technologies are no longer evolving! Here at Sunrise Asphalt we are always working to expand our toolbox of services and tools to provide the best service to our clients available. That’s why we have started providing slurry seal, to meet the unique and specific demands and needs of our clients.

slurry sealJust what is ‘slurry seal’?

Slurry seal is a cold mixed paving process mostly used on city streets, parking lots and industrial parks. It is a resurfacing treatment that creates a new surface for the traffic to wear down. It may not have the smoothest finish, but it is meant to last, certainly longer than a simple seal coat.  A slurry seal will improve the lifespan of the asphalt from 5 to 7 years on average. Of course, this improvement is dependent on the asphalt being maintained regularly and correctly.

The kind of slurry seal that we practice at Sunrise is Type 2, meaning the aggregate material (the minerals, stone, gravel, etc.) is smaller, more finely crushed.

What makes Slurry Seal the Deal?

Using these slurry seals have a number of advantages.


Slurry seal is an economical option when it comes to pavement. It is cost effective to install and use.

Correct and Protect

Asphalt is meant to be drove on, that means heavy vehicles crushing the surface This means that if the surface is raveling, full of cracks, or other structural damages that let in air or water. This degrades the over all surface quality.

Slurry seal is as we mentioned a resurfacing technique and will, in addition to filling in the surface cracking and others, will waterproof the surface, ensuring no further deterioration takes place due to water.


After all of those functional improvements, slurry seal does more good too! With one pass, your pavement will get a fresh look, restoring that cool, solid black. Not only does your driving surface now benefit from the redone look. If you’re selling the property, this can increase the property value in prospect buyers eyes too!

To sum it all up, slurry seal is a fantastic new service we are excited to offer. We think the benefits of the process are well worth the price, especially if you are looking to sell the property! This or any of our other services can be had, simply give us a call and our experts will get your asphalt smoothed out and freshened up!