Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog! After last times detour into summer road trips, we are returning to our bread and butter: asphalt paving.

Anyone who is anyone in the asphalt business knows that we are in the best time in the year to pave. Why that is, tips to make sure your paving job goes well, and the asphalt maintenance you need to remember to keep your fresh pavement in it’s best state is all on tap, this time on the blog!

asphalt summerWhy Spring and Summer Are Prime Asphalt Paving

Sure, paving in the fall and winter isn’t impossible (certainly not here in Arizona!) but it is not the ideal conditions for it. Why? There is a preferred temperature for asphalt to be at to ensure easy paving and setting. You want to keep asphalt between about 175 and 275 degrees to make for good work. Much lower than that and the asphalt can become difficult to work with and compact. The warmer months keep the pavement at the temperature longer and allow for more time for the contractors to work.

If you think fall or winter are going to be better times for your asphalt job then you need to take a look at hiring an experienced professional company *cough* is going to be the smartest move to make.

The Top Tip to Pavement Perfection

So, you have been converted, you see the glory that is summer asphalt paving (sure the heat, but c’mon, this is going to make the job so much easier!) Here is the best thing to do to make sure your asphalt paving job goes smooth!

The most crucial step occurs before you pour even a drop of asphalt, make sure the base is taken care of! A good base, made of quality stone is absolutely necessary. Asphalt is a much more flexible surface than others and so it needs the right kind of support.  This will also help with water drainage and load bearing.

Immaculate Maintenance Techniques!

Your pavement is done or was finished long ago and now you are looking at how to best keep it in tip-top shape through the summer heat. Here are the keys to a long happy asphalt life!

  • Sealcoat

Applying a sealcoat to your asphalt will go a long way to preventing sun damage from baking and drying out the top layer of asphalt.

  • Clean up Spills

Fuel and oil spill spots are bound to happen but the way you react to these is going to change the course of your asphalt health! If you let the spills sit, they will attract dirt, dust, and debris. Over time this can cause damage. If you have not sealed the driveway yet either you could be in a much worse world of hurt.

  • Repair, Replace, Repave

If a portion of the blacktop is getting worse, maybe cracking or potholing out, you should address it sooner rather than later. We have talked at length in other entries about how these basic structural flaws will expand and create wider scale issues. If it looks like your asphalt needs some further help take a minute to read and find out more.


We hope these tips and tidbits of knowledge are of use to you this summer. Remember, here at Sunrise Asphalt we are constantly striving to not only be the best in our industry but to deliver to our customers and clients the best results in asphalt available. Tucson, if you need an asphalt job taken care of, give us a call and together we can get you sorted, whether it’s peak summer or in the chilly winter!