We are back with another informative (we hope!) blog on all things asphalt! Turns out, folks have a lot of questions about the stuff! So, what do you do when you have questions? You turn to the experts! And so, here we are, Sunrise Asphalt Experts ready to answer some more of the most frequently asked questions on asphalt!

What is asphalt made of?

Asphalt is a sticky black liquid/semi-solid form of petroleum! For our purposes, it is used interchangeably with asphalt concrete, though to be technically correct it is just the binder of the mixture. Technically.

Where does asphalt come from?

Most asphalt comes from processed petroleum, but it also found in nature! They can pop up in lakes, oil sands, or things like the famous La Brea Tar Pit. It’s a naturally occurring substance from the remains of long-dead things that are then put under deep pressure and heat. Dead stuff + heat + pressure = asphalt  (as well as kerogen and petroleum)

When was asphalt invented?

Way back! It was first used as a way for waterproofing and adhesive back in 5000 B.C.E. As for its road use, it really became the big thing in 1830. To think, in 10 years we’ll be celebrating 200 years of asphalt pavement!

How much does asphalt cost?

Asphalt can run a range of prices based on the surface, area, and placement of the proposed stretch. Speaking generally it is a cheaper option than concrete.  We offer a fair, free estimate because no two jobs are exactly alike.

How much asphalt do I need?

There’s not cut and dry. If you’re in the business of needing a lot of asphalt, you probably need a professional to lay it and make sure it is structurally sound.

How long does it take for asphalt to dry?

The top layer of asphalt takes about 24 hours to dry, or ‘cure.’ After that, it is ready to be driven on and used. To fully dry however can take a lot longer, sometimes up to a year for a stretch to fully cure depending on weather, temperature, moisture, and other variables.

How to fix cracks in asphalt driveway?

Easy! Prep the crack, apply filler and let set! Boom your cracked asphalt driveway will hold up for another while yet. Was that a bit too quick? We got a blog just for you.

Where to buy asphalt?

You can buy asphalt in patch kits at many home improvement/construction stores. When it comes to getting a parking lot, driveway, or more done – well that’s when you hire the experts.

How to remove old stains from my asphalt?

Wow, you must have just missed our blog! We gave a brief rundown on how to clean up old oil stains last time on the blog.

Why is Sunrise Asphalt the best paving company?

We’re glad you asked! Sunrise Asphalt is a family owned and operated business, serving Tucson and the surrounding area since 1979! We are licensed, bonded, and insured and we have absolutely no complaints with the Registrar of Contractors. Over 50% of our business comes from returning clients who have worked with us and seen our expertise first hand.

If you’re in need of pothole repair, crack filling, chip sealing, seal coating, paving or more don’t hesitate to reach out now! Sunrise Asphalt is committed to providing the finest quality work, with expert staff and state of the art equipment. Give us a call, get your estimate, and let’s get to work!