Business owners have to juggle an incredible number of balls at once. You have to manage inventory, customers, employees, supply, demand, budgets. That’s without even considering the space you occupy! Keeping a clean and welcoming property extends past the front doors, the amount of quality parking available (or lack thereof) can cost you business. So how can you keep business going without extravagant costs? Think about repaving your asphalt!

A report compiled by INRIX in 2017 found that 63% of drivers will avoid a business because of parking challenges.

So what can you do to help? You can take a look outside your front doors at the parking options available for your business! You don’t have to own a parking structure to be proactive. Take a look around, is there debris that blocks spots? Is the asphalt uneven or torn up in spots? Are there security issues that you notice on the day to day? Speak with the property owner who may not be around all the time to see these challenges in action. While some might think this is a bother, business and property owner’s goals are aligned here: keeping a well-maintained property helps everyone.

If you are a property owner, that potential is even bigger!


Remember that report we mentioned? 63% of drivers avoiding businesses because of challenges? Those challenges could be a number of different things including parking fees, lack of available spaces, or poor conditions. As a property owner, some of those are in your control!

If your business is owning commercial properties, your livelihood is tied to your tenants. You need businesses renting your available spaces and they need to be able to pay their rent, so how can you help? Well short of heading into each of their storefronts and being a customer yourself, you can set them up for success by creating an environment that draws business! Remember that old saying about first impressions? Whether consciously recognized or not, the first impression people get with your spaces is the asphalt they drive and walk across.

Repaving the parking lot and creating a well-maintained atmosphere will attract prospective renters.  You will be able to drastically increase retention as businesses won’t want to leave, and others will want to move into your well-maintained spaces.

And It Keeps Paying Off

The benefits don’t end there. Repaving will increase the property value of your facility and decrease your maintenance and upkeep costs. When you look at all the extraordinary benefits, it just makes sense to invest in repaving.

And there’s never been a better time to reinvest and repave your parking lots. While the world adjusts to the ongoing pandemic, many businesses are closed and traffic is low. Well, Sunrise Asphalt is an infrastructure operation and what we do is essential to the ongoing operation of our city! Get in touch today, find out how we can repave your lots and get your asphalt ready to support and promote the business the economy (and you) need!