Do you have a dad who loves to spend his time in the garage? A brother in law who spends his weekends tending to his perfectly manicured front lawn? It can be difficult to shop for a present for these folks as the things they need, tools as such, they buy for themselves or we lack the specific knowledge to know what they’d need. That’s why this time on the Sunrise Asphalt blog we’re going to offer up some suggestions that are just adjacent to those types of interests that they’ll love! To do that, we’ve created the Asphalt Care Gift Guide!

Asphalt Care Gift Guide


A good squeegee will go a long way when it comes to caring for your asphalt! There are a number of different uses for a squeegee! Some are made just for the quick application of sealer without a need for spraying, to better smooth crack fill, and offer clean surfaces. No matter the job, there’s a squeegee with the perfect, head, handle, clamp. to do it. Now, for your gift, you don’t want to worry too much about a precise squeegee with a single-use, no. Instead, find a good all-around tool. It will serve your gift recipient a lot better for their general needs. Maybe next year you can get them the specialty tool.

Brushes and Brooms

A good broom or brush is an incredibly useful tool for all sorts of jobs outdoors! Ever try sweeping a concrete patio with your kitchen broom? It works, but man does it take time! As asphalt pros, we use brooms and brushes to clear debris, apply seal coats, remove oil spots, and more. For your gift look for a good, all-purpose outdoor broom. Something like this Outdoor Push Broom from Lowe’s for instance. It’s a push broom, so it has the angled handle you want for quick work, and has a wide head at a foot and a half to tackle larger surfaces (like a driveway, walkway or deck) fast.


Is your Secret Santa a bit of DIY-er? Then they’ll appreciate a tamp! A tamp is used to flatten and compact aggregates like asphalt. Pushing the material together creates a denser, more durable surface. If your Secret Santa keeps talking about how they’re going to fix their driveway, get ‘em a tamper and help them do the job right! You can find tampers and any hardware store, usually in 8” x 8” or 10” x 10” sizes.

Crack Hoe

While we’re talking about DIY asphalt repair jobs, consider gifting a crack hoe for the soon to be driveway repair job! An asphalt crack hoe is like a normal garden hoe but with a heavy steel tip. It’s useful for cleaning and clearing out the cracks in the asphalt where vegetation might have taken root. A crack hoe is made specifically for this task making it easier than ever to clear it out right the first time. Once it’s been cleared out they can patch it easy peasy.

Swinging a heavy hoe around is a lot of work… It might just be time for a drink…

A Powerful Cooler!

Regardless of whether they are caring for a lawn, working on a car in the garage, or tending the asphalt – any work can build up a sweat, especially here in Arizona. To answer that challenge steps the almighty cooler! You can look at something like the powerful and highly touted Yeti Cooler or a more reasonably priced Rtic, whichever way you go you’ll be giving the gift of cold drinks on hand, whenever they’re needed.  Now that’s a present!

Give a man a smooth driveway, he’ll drive… smooth…Ok, this saying is falling apart on us. The point is, with these tools in hand your giftee can handle all sorts of hurdles their driveway might throw at them. And maybe when they’re done there they can come help fix yours!

If you’d rather just give the greatest gift of all, a new professionally installed stretch of asphalt, you know who to call!