While fall is a bit of a hop and skip between summer and winter here in Arizona, it still exists! This change of the seasons  is the perfect time to do any last minute pieces of upkeep for the winter, letting you get the necessary work done around the home without turning to ash when you step outside.


Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts  you can do (or don’t!) now as the weather settled to prepare you asphalt to last through the winter.

Tips to Preparing Your Driveway


Start Off on the Right Foot

Start of the reason the right way – with a clean driveway! Clear it of debris, pressure wash it, get it to a good start to make future driveway work easier, and to help prevent troubles before they can get started.

Seal Your Driveway

We talk about this all the time, but sealing your driveway is a great way to make it last! Depending on the kind of traffic and weather your driveway is subjected to you might want to seal more often than others, talk with your asphalt contractors to get the job done right.


Remove Stains & Oil Spills Quickly

Yes, it may already be sealed and isn’t that what this is for? But you can do a lot more to help keep your driveway protected by cleaning up any spills right when they occur to prevent any staining from starting. If a stain does hit, use a stain remover or pressure washer to blast it away.


Listen to What Your Driveway Tells You

Now hold on, we’re not suggesting you put your ear to the asphalt and listen for words. But your driveway can show you exactly what it needs as it reacts to adverse conditions. When cracks form it needs repair, if a web of cracks occur it could mean there’s a problem with the subsurface of the asphalt. Listen to what your driveway is telling you and get it taken care of sooner rather than later – it’ll save you a whole bunch on repairs as well!



Use Harsh Corrosive Materials

If you’re worried about your driveway icing over at all during the winter, make sure you’re not using harsh de-icers! These can take years off the lifespan of your driveway. Salt might also not be the solution you want as the newer the driveway the more damage introducing salt can do to it.

If you’re worried about slippage, use sand kitty litter to give your driveway that grip.


That’s not the only scenario where you might be using a harsh chemical of course. When you’re cleaning your stains or clearing up oil spills, make sure you’re using a recommended cleaner to get rid of the stains without taking the life expectancy of your asphalt with it!

Park Heavy Trucks Repeatedly on Driveways

Winter is a time when many snowbirds head south in their RVs, their kingdom on wheels! Make sure you’re not letting your relatives drive and park their RV on your driveway too frequently as the activity can hurt the stability of your asphalt.


Stick to the street or a private lot instead!

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts and your driveway will be set up to make through the colder months just fine! Need some TLC? Get your repairs done ASAP, and get them done right with Sunrise Asphalt!


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