More than 9,000 children go to emergency rooms for injuries that happen when they are alone around or in motor vehicles. Every year. It’s a terrible and frightening statistic for anyone who has children. Don’t become one of those statistics. This time on the Sunrise Asphalt blog, we’re talking driveway safety. Practice driveway safety, teach your friends and family about it and do your best to make sure your kids stay safe around vehicles! 

Driveway Safety and You

Check Your Driveway for Kids

Often when we’re hopping into our cars we are in a hurry, we got to get somewhere quick! But before you put the car in gear – CHECK FOR CHILDREN. When checking for kids look around your vehicle, look for anything that might attract them to run out – a pet, a toy, a bike, or a skateboard. Anything like this that is around, under, or behind your car could cause a child to run out unexpectedly. Move these things away and out of your driveway.

You can also make sure an adult is supervising a safe spot for children to wait for the nearby vehicles to finish moving and to help increase visibility for drivers. 


Limit Any Play in the Driveway

While driveways are a perfect place for a basketball hoop, it’s important to make sure you’re really specific about what is expected and ok in the driveway. Work with your kids to make sure toys, chalk, bikes or skateboards, and other equipment  are all picked up and not left around driveways. Designate clear and safe areas of play for kids – away from any vehicles, whether the vehicles are moving or not, and teach them that those are the safe spaces.


Pay Attention to Younger Kids

Younger children who may not be old enough to understand or follow the designated play areas should always be accompanied by an adult when they are outside, getting in to or out of a vehicle. Hold their hand and lead them to or away from the vehicle as needed to make sure they get clear of the driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk and to a safe distance.


Choose the Right Car

This might seem like a wild thing to suggest but it’s worth mentioning! Sure it’s a pretty significant invest but if you’re already in the market for a new vehicle it’s worth paying attention to, especially if you have young children! Buying a car with good visibility is easier than ever with the addition of backup cameras, side cameras etc, sensors, and more. But even with these features you sould still remember to physically check around your car and get visual confirmation with your own eyes that the coast is clear!


Teach Your Kids About Driveway Safety

Just like teaching about the proper way to safely cross the road, to ride a bike, you should teach your children about driveway safety. Make sure they understand the very real dangers of playing around near vehicles, parked or moving.

It can be a bit of work, but all things worth doing typically are! Teach your kids the importance of driveway safety and practice it yourself ot ensure that you and yours don’t become one of the thousands of emergency room visits due to accidents around the driveway.


You know what else can prevent injuries around the driveway? Making sure it’s in tip-top shape! Cracks and potholes left unattended are just accidents waiting to happen. Rather than letting that trouble find you, be proactive and get your driveway repaired before anything happens! We know just the crew to help.