This time on the Sunrise Asphalt blog we wanted to do a rundown of our work – specifically the different types of jobs we tackle! For those not in the industry, and that makes most folks, asphalt is asphalt is asphalt. While there’s a hint of truth to that, there are a number of differences based on needs, space, etc. that separate these jobs.

Typical Asphalt Jobs


For residential and commercial properties, asphalt is a great choice for paving driveways. IT’s strong, smooth, flexible, and looks great. You can also count on a properly maintained driveway to last decades. Sometimes that might require spot repair or crack filling but these options are easy and fast to do, keeping your asphalt functioning for a long time to come!


Parking Lots

The driveway’s bigger, wider, older brother. For all the same reasons asphalt makes a great solution for driveways it does for parking lots too. Large areas of strong, stable surface that is smooth and easy to repair and maintain. It’s a no brainer!



Roads are probably the most common asphalt job there is. Most roads are made up of asphalt, whether they’re city streets, highways, or private roads. Asphalt is tough enough to stand up to traffic and inclement weather day in and day out, and since it’s naturally flexible it can withstand uneven and heavy loads no problem. Not to mention the, reusability of asphalt! When new pavement is needed it’s not a problem at all to rip the old material up, process it and reuse it again elsewhere.


Sidewalks/Walking Paths

Asphalt is a great solution for paving residential walkways or sidewalks. It’s safe and smooth, able to be laid in a continuous stretch which cna prevent tripping hazards from forming. And, despite that smoothness, it has just enough texture to provide traction to shoes and bike tires, reducing the risks of slips and falls. Speaking of bike tires…


Bicycle Paths

The same reason asphalt makes a good walkway is a reason it can help make an ideal bicycle path. Good texture provides grip, a smooth surface makes for a smooth comfortable ride and asphalt can be easily painted to provide visibility markings along the way.

Backyard Patios

Patios can also benefit from an asphalt surface as it’s smooth and easy to care for. Now we might not recommend it as much here in Arizona, thanks to the incredible heat, but in other more temperate climates an asphalt surface keeps things sturdy and easy to sweep up or clear with spray from the hose.


Again, maybe not the best material for Arizona, but it’s certainly used in plenty of playgrounds. It won’t be the only material of course, but an asphalt slab can make a great foundation for rubber cushion or other materials. The asphalt will keep the equipment in place for a long time to come. Large areas can also be paved and painted with built in games like hopscotch or four square for playing.


Sports Spaces and Courts

Most sports benefit from a smooth yet slip-resistant surface. Basketball and tennis courts are some of the most common asphalt sporting spaces you’re likely to see. Running tracks similarly might have asphalt pavement as well, providing a smooth, strong surface for running. A big selling point for asphalt here? The durability and affordability of the asphalt is a major selling point for schools, parks, rec centers, etc.

These are some of the most common but far from every asphalt job and service. Asphalt can be used in water management applications, soil protection, airplane runways, train track supports,  and more. 

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