Last month on the blog we featured a job we performed at the San Xavier Casitas where we demoed and rebuilt new pavement. We’re still hard at work over here and wanted to share a couple more jobs we’ve been on lately. Without further ado let’s take a look at some residential work and some work we did for the City of Tucson!

Job Site Residential – Two Shot Chip Seal

First up, let’s take a look at a local job we did for one of our residents! Before we dive into the pictures let’s go over what exactly we did.

Two Shot Chip Seal

Two shot chip seal is just a fun way of saying this is a job where we applied two coats of chip seal. But that’s not everything we did!

ABC Backfill

First we need to bring in some aggregate base course (ABC) back fill to bring the subsurface up to snuff. As wear and tear occurs over time, the surface of the pavement can crack and crumble. Weather can worsen this as rainwater and other moisture can then get into the subsurface and start causing it to shift. When this happens you need to bring fresh ABC and regrade it.

Compact the New Base

With the new ABC installed and graded, we need to compact that base down. Using tampers and rollers the bases are compacted to ensure a strong, sturdy layer.

Two Coats of Chip Seal

Chip sealing is a cost-effective way to extend the life of the asphalt, laying down a sealing layer between the asphalt and the elements. Made up of emulsified asphalt and a uniform rock or aggregate, the chip seal increases the overall strength and durability of the asphalt surface. Then we go ahead and give it another layer while we’re at it!

two shot chip seal job driveway


two shot chip seal job driveway

Job Site: City of Tucson

The City themselves called us up to help take care of some patching work that needed to be done. If you’ve spent any time on Tucson roads you know they could use some TLC now and again. The City of Tucson knows it too, so they called up the best for a few miscellaneous jobs around the city!

Patch Jobs

All of these were simple and straightforward patching jobs. Places where potholes and cracks had been allowed to go on for a bit too long and a simple repair wasn’t going to do the trick. For these, you need to remove the section of asphalt and pave a new “patch” of pavement to connect the areas.

Demo and Removal

Before any new work can be done, the site has to be cleared first! Whether they were large potholes or pavement chunks cracked beyond repair, the old asphalt needs to be broken up and removed. Any lingering weak bits of asphalt would only leave weak points for the new surface. So after the asphalt has been cut back far enough to be structurally sound, the areas are broken up and removed.

Compact Existing Dirt

With the asphalt removed, it’s compact time! The existing dirt subsurfaces are compacted to restore stability and structural integrity to the sublayers of the asphalt. Simple enough right?

New Pavement

After the dirt has been compacted, it’s time for fresh pavement to be applied. In all of these work sites, we paved to a depth of 3 inches, compacted of course. This process repairs the drivable surface of the road, making that stretch good as new! 

You’ll see in one of these job sites, we even had to work around a manhole covering, paving around the concrete entrance to sewer access. For us, it’s no problem at all, but it did offer a special twist to the process.



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