Last month, we had the honor of helping a local institution upkeep its grounds. Our team was out at the Congregation Anshei Israel synagogue on 5th and Craycroft for a few days in March to get their parking lot back up to speed.

Here’s a rundown of what went into that work.

Congregation Anshei Israel History

 A synagogue in Tucson, Arizona, Congregation Anshei Israel is committed to continuing ancient Jewish traditions while maintaining a spirit of adaptation to the modern world.

Congregation Anshei Israel was founded in 1930 and originally located in downtown Tucson on South Stone Avenue. Under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Marcus Breger and Cantor Maurice Falkow (both of blessed memory), the synagogue relocated in 1946 to 6th Street and Martin and, as the congregation continued to grow, moved in 1969 to its present location on the corner of 5th Street and Craycroft.


The Job – Crack Filling & Micro Sealing

The main task needed at the Congregation Anshei Israel job site was crack filling and micro seal application. With any job of course, there are needed site preparation work and wrap-up pieces to take the job from start to finish. Let’s walk you through the well-documented job we did last month.

March 15, 2023 – Surface Preparation, Sweeping & Crack Filling

First things first, it’s prep work time. Before crack filling, it is essential to properly prepare the surface to ensure the crack filler will adhere correctly and provide a long-lasting repair. That means cleaning the surface, clearing away debris using a broom, blower or even a power washer. If a power washer is used, you have to let the surface dry completely.

Then you can prepare the crack, making sure there’s no loose debris or crumbling material in the crack. Once that’s cleared out it’s crack filler time! Typically, crack filler is applied using a pour pot or a hand-held applicator. Then you smooth the surface and allow it to dry completely, we waited about 24 hours between this step and the next. Thanks to Arizona’s dry, warm weather, it doesn’t take long to dry completely.

March 16 & 17, 2023 – Micro Seal Application

After the crack filling dried, we spent the next two days on-site applying a micro seal. Micro seal application is a cutting-edge technique used in asphalt maintenance to restore and protect worn-out pavement surfaces. This innovative process involves the application of a specially formulated emulsion that is combined with fine aggregates, polymers, and other additives, resulting in a durable and skid-resistant sealcoat that extends the life of the pavement.

March 19, 2023 – Painting and Re-striping

The job’s not done until the surface is restored to working order – and that includes painting and restriping! Without these markings on the pavement using the parking lot can be hectic and even unsafe. So we took care of that too, no problem!

After the painting was done, the parking lot is now fully reinvigorated and ready for use!  We were so happy to help Congregation Anshei Israel get their parking lot back in working order! If you have an asphalt job you need tackled, give us a call at Sunrise Asphalt – we’re here to serve!