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A pothole is a depression in the surface of the asphalt, where traffic has broken down and removed broken pieces of the pavement. 

How They Start

  • Water finds its way through cracks and weaknesses in the pavement.
  • In the winter (or whenever it happens to dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit) the water trapped in the pavement freezes and expands, pressing outward on the asphalt.
  • When the freeze leaves, the water shrinks, the asphalt is no longer being pushed out and it is sitting loosely.
  • As vehicles drive over the asphalt surface, the weight and friction cause the loose asphalt to shift, throwing asphalt out of place and creating the beginnings of a pothole.

How Does Sunrise Asphalt Repair Potholes

There are several methods for repairing potholes, Sunrise Asphalt primarily leverages two processes to repair asphalt surfaces.

Spray-injection Repair

The spray-injection repair method involves specialized equipment. Using the spray-injection device, all water and debris are blown out of the pothole. Then a layer of tack coat binder is applied to the bottom and sides of the pothole. Next asphalt and aggregate are filled in using the spray injector and then another layer of aggregate covers the patched area. For the spray-injection method, no compacting is needed after the hole is filled

Semi-Permanent Repair

The semi-permanent method is one of the best there is. We remove all the debris and water from the pothole and then prepare it for patching. That means clean cuts along each side to ensure that each is a sound piece of pavement. If there are any structural weaknesses here they will just create another point for a pothole to develop and so they must be addressed. Then the prepared pothole is filled with either cold or hot mix patching materials, compacted and allowed to cure.

Benefits of Sunrise Asphalt Pothole Repair Jobs

Sunrise Asphalt is a local, family-owned and operated business. Every job, from a pothole to a completely new paving job has owner supervision from start to finish. We’ve been bringing that same level of attention, care, and experience to Tucson for over 40 years!

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Costs of Pothole Repairs

When it comes to potholes, the cost to be worried about isn’t how much to fix, but rather how much will it cost you if you never repair it? Potholes can easily deal thousands of dollars in damage to a vehicle driving over them. Repairing them sooner than later is the financially smart move to make.

Pothole repair jobs can vary greatly. The road, materials, and level of degradation are unique in each case. Giving a standard quote wouldn’t do any good, give us a call and get a free estimate based on your particular pothole problem.

Repairing your asphalt potholes should easily give you another year of life out of them.

Pothole FAQ

How Long Does It Take Repaired Asphalt to Dry?

Drying is just the top layer of asphalt and will usually dry and become safe to drive over in about a day, day and a half. The other thing is ‘curing.’ When it comes to potholes, the curing process is faster than traditional pavement curing as there’s much less material that needs to cure. A pothole will be both dry and cured in about a day and a half, depending.

Can I Seal A Pothole Patch?

You sure can just be sure to wait 3-5 days for the repaired asphalt to cure.

Who is Responsible for Damages From Potholes?

Whoever is in charge of maintaining the asphalt can be held liable for damages. Freeways are maintained by the state, city roads by the city. Parking lots are the responsibility of the property owners and if someone incurs damage in a pothole on the driveway, that’s up to the homeowner to make right. The easiest way to do that is to avoid it entirely and get potholes patches as soon as they’re noticed.

Pothole repair is just one of our talents here at Sunrise Asphalt. No matter the job, from potholes to fresh pavement, we’re here to help!

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