A well-maintained parking lot goes a long way to establishing the look and feel of your property. If you are a business, the parking lot is going to be the first impression potential customers have. You want it to be clean and pristine. For the best looking, safest, most professional parking lot possible, follow our tips for parking lot and roadway maintenance.

Ensuring Proper Drainage

When it comes to the well being of a paved surface, water is public enemy number one. The longer the surface to exposed to water, the more risk is of moisture seeping into the asphalt. Moisture will lead to cracks and potholes over time. Proper drainage  minimizes water exposure. Ensuring proper drainage will improve the look and longevity of your paved surface. This means cleaning any debris or obstruction which prevents drainage.

Cleaning, Coating & Repairing

Here we are with the three pieces of advice in one section. Clean your surface to keep clear of dirt and debris. Make sure the surface is properly sealed. Seal coating will protect the surface from degrading over time as a result of oxidation and weather exposure. Repair cracks as soon as you notice them. Cracks give water a shortcut into the interior of your paved surface where it can wreck havoc. Cracks are also a hazard for individuals who are walking across the surface and a eyesore as well.


You have a perfectly maintained parking lot, but if surrounded by empty patches of dirt or overgrown weeds, no one will care about the parking lot. It is important to consider the landscaping around your paved surface. Well-maintained  bushes, flowers and trees can transform a parking lot. They can make it look soft, quiet, peaceful, and inviting,. Don’t forget to keep your landscaping well-maintained too.