With more homeowners than ever before choosing to improve their existing property as opposed to buying a new home, the importance of a newly paved driveway cannot be underestimated. Conversely, those who wish to sell a home often find that adding new pavement to a driveway can greatly improve the chances of selling it on the open market. Either way, one thing is sure and that is that quality asphalt paving can have a big impact on almost any type of property.

Simpler And Easier To Install

Asphalt is a smart and effective alternative to other types of surfaces. It is a smart and cost-effective alternative to concrete and even paving stones. Best of all, asphalt aggregate is simpler and easier to install in virtually any type of application. In addition, asphalt is more accepting of different types of weather extremes and handles extreme weather better than almost any other type of surface available. There are options available to homeowners as well as commercial property owners.

Holds Its Shape Longer

This includes hot mix asphalt as well as chip seal. Hot mix asphalt is typically recommended and is more resilient than concrete. It will hold its shape longer and in many cases can actually add more visual appeal to a home or business.

Conversely, chip seal is a method that combine oil and small stones to produce a strong and long-lasting surface. This type results in a very hard and durable driveway or parking lot. It also includes small stones that can be ordered in color if desired.

Applying Asphalt To A New Area

Finally, it is important to note that any type of asphalt paving project will require some kind of solid base. This helps to ensure long-term durability and a long-lasing surface that will not crack or break apart if maintained properly. Asphalt contractors have to take into account many different factors when applying asphalt to a new area. This includes the presence of tree roots, groundwater and even large rocks. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals who routinely apply asphalt is typically the best way to have this type of work done. Contact Sunrise Asphalt today for quality Tucson Asphalt services.