Here at Sunrise Asphalt, we have been proudly providing Arizona with quality pavement solutions for over 36 years. We are incredibly passionate about the work we do. For us, our reputation in the community is everything. We approach every job like it is the most important job we have ever done. Our unrelenting commitment to quality has been with us since day one. Today, we want to tell a little more about who we are at Sunrise Asphalt.

Sunrise Asphalt was founded by Les Silberman in 1979. We have been family owned and operated ever since. We take pride in being a locally grown and locally founded company. In fact, we like to think we have become an essential Tucson institution.

Les currently holds three contracting licenses here in Arizona and is certified as a master applicator by SealMaster of Arizona. In 2009, his son Eli joined the family business after graduating from our very own University of Arizona.

For Sunrise Asphalt, growing as a business has been all about doing it naturally, without skipping steps. Today, Les and Eli work with a team of 11 other employees, although there are plans to expand in the very near future.

Les has a few tips for success which he believes have been crucial to growing Sunrise Asphalt. First, Les has always believed in being open, honest, and direct with clients. In fact, that philosophy is how Les has always believed in treating family. It has helped Sunrise Asphalt create amazing client relationships. Second, Les thinks it is important that he or Eli are present at every job site. This ensures that the highest quality work is done every time.

Sunrise Asphalt, Les and Eli in particular are proud that much of the company’s success can be attributed to return clients and referrals. What better proof is there of a job well done?