We have all driven over large potholes before. It can almost be considered a normal part of city life. It may be impossible to find any one, single city in the United States that is entirely pothole free. Most would agree that hitting a pothole while driving in a care can be a major distraction and annoyance. However, the truth is that the roads, streets, and highways across the county have more potholes, cracks, and defects than just a few year ago. Potholes and defective roads not only cause a distraction and annoyance, but they are also dangerous in regards to driver safety. Sunrise Asphalt, Tucson’s Premier Asphalt Company, is dedicated to road safety and speaks on the necessity of road repairs.

Conditions Grow Worse Over Time
Cracks, potholes, and other types of road damage only get more severe over time. They cannot fix themselves. If road repairs are ignored for too long, a road may become impossible to drive on. Poor road conditions lead to accidents and breakdowns. This causes traffic and congestion, making city streets even more unpleasant to drive on than even before.

The best approach to take when it comes to road repairs is to be proactive. Potholes, and cracks should be fixed at the earliest possible convenience. If they are ignored, the road conditions will deteriorate rapidly. Sunrise Asphalt is uniquely positioned and qualified to handle road repairs.

From large commercial projects to small residential repairs, Sunrise Asphalt performs every type of asphalt related work imaginable. As a fully bonded, licensed and insured contractor dating all the way back to 1979, Sunrise Asphalt strives to provide the very best in customer service resulting in outstanding customer satisfaction. From major pothole repair to minor residential driveway crack filling, Sunrise Asphalt should be your go-to destination for road repairs.