Driving at night can be scary for some people. After all, you can’t see everything around you on the road, and it’s much more difficult to see people wearing dark colored clothing at night, or small animals who tend dart into the middle of the street without warning. But driving safely at night can be something easily learned with a few helpful tips. In fact, most of the advice we are going to give you is quite easy to follow, and won’t take up a lot of time from your life….

  1. Dim the lights on your dashboard: If you don’t already know, each car has small button or device that lets you dim your dashboard lights. If would definitely benefit you to do this. Why? The brighter your dashboard lights, the more difficult it is to see other objects and cars on the road. If this is the case, find that knob and dim the dashboard lights to a level that you feel comfortable driving with.
  2. Always remember to drive the speed limit. No one likes a fast or slow driver, and it’s actually more unsafe to drive slower than the speed limit posted. However, driving at night can cause some people anxiety. If you’re driving in an unfamiliar area, never speed. Instead drive the speed limit. This is best in areas that are heavily populated as well, with people who will take walks at night. etc.
  3. Don’t look at other driver’s headlights: If you look at the headlights of other people’s cars, you’ll find that your vision will become blurry and distorted. The best and only way to avoid this is to avert your eyes away from oncoming traffic. Remember, you should always be looking in front of you, behind you and to the sides in order to drive safely!