Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog. Last time we took a hard look at the process of paving and the effects temperatures have on the finished product. Recently, we discussed one of our other services, spending a whole month on seal coating. In the process of further educating on services we provide how they work and whey they are needed, this time around we wanted to give you the details on crack filling.

Simply put, crack filling is the process of asphalt pavement repair in which cracks between a quarter and a half inch are filled with hot rubberized crack filler. Crack filling is best used early before the damage done to the surface is too massive. Remember, with roadways, the infiltration of moisture which in turn allows for expansion and contraction of water in the pavement, which is what caused the development of cracks and potholes. If a crack can be filled before too much moisture is allowed into the structure then it can be a very cheap, easy long lasting fix to a problem that if left unchecked will end up requiring a total repair.

While this is a service we provide, it is also a basic maintenance task that needs to be done to prolong the life of asphalt. Simply stay vigilant for the creation of new cracks, and when they do appear have them repaired. If cracks are left unchecked it will only increase the risk of permanent damage to the asphalt.

We’ll catch you next time on the Sunrise Asphalt blog, until then keep your eyes peeled for cracks.