This week we are going to do something a little bit more wild. Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog, where we deliver the hard facts you need to navigate the possibly too hot and possibly crumbling roadways out there. Well we’ve delivered that and now we’re looking at some of the world’s wildest roads. From paved streets to barely carved out mountain passages, these are roadways spanning the globe that are next level.

Khardung La Pass, China

This road winds about the Himalayas from the Chinese city of Kashdar to Leh India. Sitting at 17,582 feet above sea level, it is roughly 3000 ft higher than the highest point in the contiguous US (Mt. Whitney)

James Dalton Highway, Alaska

This roadway, made famous by the TV show Ice Road Truckers, stretches 414 miles with three towns along the trip. Spanning from Fairbanks, Alaska to the Arctic Ocean, made for oil truckers it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to worry about its conditions.

Yungas Road, Bolivia

Not just one of the craziest roads in the world, but certainly one of the most dangerous. This road has between 200 and 300 casualties a year. A rock wall on one side and a two thousand foot drop opposite, it’s enough to give you shivers just thinking about it.

Passage Du Gos, France

This is a road that only exists for several hours at a time! A 2.7 mile passage that links France with the island of Noirmoutier, it spends most of the time beneath the tides of the Atlantic.

Eyre Highway, Australia

Crazy for entirely different reasons than the rest, this road  features the longest turn-less length of highway around the globe. Moving from Caiguana, the highway goes straight as an arrow for 91.1 miles.