Two of the most common, tough, materials to build out of, the building blocks of our entire cityscapes are some combination of asphalt and concrete. While they each have some uses that others do not, they do have several points overlap and that makes the question of asphalt vs. concrete pop up frequently for those of us in this biz.

First, not to assume folks know everything, the brief definition and differences of asphalt and concrete. Asphalt is the finished product of an aggregate material that is bound together with oil and tar. Concrete meanwhile is a similarly stony composition but held in place with cement. That’s the short of it, and while there are more nuanced differences, that is enough for our purposes right now.

What people want to know when it comes to concrete versus asphalt is what are the pros and cons of using one over another in paving. At least, that’s our interest here at Sunrise Asphalt. So then, specifically, say you are making a new driveway or parking area for your business. Which of these two materials do you want to use to lay the foundation of your project?

Asphalt vs Concrete


  • Less expensive to install, but price fluctuates based on oil.
  • Proper maintenance will see asphalt lasting 15-20 years.
  • Resealing needed to upkeep every 2 years.
  • Sets and ready for driving hours later.
  • Tough, but extreme temperatures can damage the surfaces.





  • More expensive installation.
  • Proper maintenance can last 40 years.
  • When it comes to being drive ready, it can take hours or days to set, depending on the mixture.
  • May crack.
  • Concrete can be made in various color options but may also stain depending on colors and textures.


While concrete is mostly unaffected by temperatures, asphalt is susceptible to those temperatures, specifically heat and that can make for a little bit of trouble. Extreme heat can cause asphalt to soften and then crack in extreme situations. However, this is an incredibly easy and cheap fix. Made cheaper if using recycled asphalt (more on that can be found elsewhere on our blog).

In essence, the two biggest differences in asphalt vs concrete driveways has to do with price and ease of repair. The initial costs of asphalt will run you half to two-thirds as much a concrete one and while asphalt won’t last as long as a concrete drive in absolute perfect conditions, the repair and resurfacing ability of asphalt makes it a smart choice for most.

With these differences in mind, if you feel that asphalt is the way to go in your next construction or paving project – and we here at Sunrise vouch for the benefits of asphalt 110%- reach out, contact us and we can get you a free estimate and together start building your dream driveway.