Happy New Year! It’s here, we have hit 2018! We all have made resolution on how we are going to better ourselves or quit things we know are unhealthy. Hopefully you’re still on track with your goals as you read this. Here’s a goal that might be on your list, especially if you own a business or have asphalt to do the upkeep on: Asphalt maintenance!

Whether you’re looking to make sure your investment lasts or just delay needing to resurface a bit longer, here are the asphalt maintenance tips to see your asphalt driveway lasting as long as possible.

Tips for Asphalt Maintenance

  1. Repair Right Away

Potholes, potholes everywhere. We hate them on the freeways and roads, we shouldn’t tolerate them in our drives. As we have explained elsewhere, potholes are caused by water and the contraction and expansion it endures as temperatures fluctuate. Left unchecked potholes will simply swallow up your entire drive space so it is absolutely necessary to get these repaired ASAP.

  1. Sealcoat Seals It

Sealcoating does a heckuva lot of work to protecting and prolonging your asphalt. It blocks out the UV rays that will damage and fade the top layer, keeps out vehicle fluids and water as well as filling in surface damage. This should be reapplied every 3-5 years depending. If you’re looking to keep your asphalt looking its best for years to come, and keep maintenance costs down while you’re at it, you need to be sealcoating.

  1. Keep Clean

The number one, no questions asked, biggest thing you can do to maintain your asphalt and keep it lasting? Keep it clean! Potholes are caused by water, so letting water pool and sit on your driveway is a no-no. Keep debris such as leaves and lawn waste, car fluids and more from harming your asphalt. Any stray screws or hardware from the garage can also damage the asphalt surface as your vehicles pass over it and drive it into the surface (not to mention the possible damage it could do to your tires!)


When it comes to your asphalt surfaces, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. That means: keeping it clean, repairing potholes immediately, and sealcoating the whole thing. With those steps all taken care of you should see your asphalt maintained and lasting in great condition for years.

If you need any help repairing, sealcoating, or are looking to install asphalt for the first time, give us a call here at Sunrise Asphalt. We’re more than happy to get you started. Happy New Year from all of us to you. Let’s make 2018 the best one yet!