Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog! Last time we went into detail on the tools we in the asphalt industry use and why (hint: asphalt is hot!). With using the proper tools to build a good and strong asphalt surface we have covered the beginnings of the life of asphalt.

Now, let’s look to the end… the death of asphalt and rebirth! Okay, that’s a little flowery for what we’re talking about. When asphalt as spent years taking the wear and tear, it comes time to move on. Sometimes that leads you to consider replacement or resurfacing. Regardless, after this time it’s time to put the old, beat up asphalt out to pasture. No! Not in the actual pasture!

Can asphalt be recycled?

Thankfully, as we have discussed previously, asphalt is astonishingly green! That means yes, it absolutely can be recycled. Asphalt can be recycled for further paving jobs no sweat, and incredibly efficiently at that! The old beat up chunks are tore up and taken to the plant to be processed. These will then be broken down, screened, blended into a state that can then be used…

What can recycled asphalt be used for?

…for paving once again! Asphalt has one real use when it comes to being recycled and that’s for more pavement.

That’s the most of it really. Asphalt is an incredibly recycled product, there aren’t many things out there that can be recycled back into their previous state and used for the same thing! But with asphalt its simple for the professionals to break down the old pavement into the aggregate for a new batch. Recycled asphalt has a significant impact on the amount of non-renewable resources that have to be used to create asphalt. This, in turn, decreases pollution and waste. And it cuts down on costs to boot!

With both of those advantages it’s no wonder that so many companies are turning to RAP (recycled asphalt product) to use for thousands of thousands of jobs. It’s just better all around, for the construction crew, the customer, and the environment!

That’s about it on the subject of recycled asphalt, there’s not much to know aside from the fact that the process is absolutely doable, (and indeed crucial for much of current asphalt paving!) Of course, there is more to piece together if you really want to dig deep, like the recyclability of asphalt (some processes claim up to 90% or more!) and the precise recipe of how to do it, and the savings per dollar per ton etc. etc. etc. But for us, at this blog, that’s the long and short of the topic.

Sunrise Asphalt, of course, uses the best materials for any job, as specific to the job. Combine that with the right tools and the best know-how in the Tucson area to incorporate it and you have yourself the perfect pavement.  If you have any questions at all or a job in need of doing, our pavement professionals are here to help!