Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog! We are in the midst of another hot, hot month here in Tucson and it has us dreaming about getting out of here! Thinking about all the places to travel and beat the heat … It reminds us of a few places we would probably avoid. Over a year ago we covered 5 of the world’s most insane roads out there, whether they are remote, barely marked, or crumbling off the side of a mountain, these are roads we don’t want to mess with! So, in the spirit of wanderlust that we are feeling, we are going to look for a few more of those most dangerous roads in the world!

most dangerous road

Fairy Meadows Road

Fairy Meadows Road – Pakistan

This road has a lot going against it. Or a lot going for it depending on what side of the dangerous road pro/con argument you are on. It’s only open during the summer. It was built hundreds of years ago by nearby villagers and hasn’t quite been kept up to snuff. It’s only wide enough to sustain a single jeep at a time and you’ll want to be in a jeep, the road is rocky, and has zero guardrails. Should any mistake slip through, well the hundreds of meters fall down the cliff side should be enough to deter any mistake.


Karakoram Highway – Pakistan to China

Back in 1966 construction began on the Karakoram Highway. It would take 13 years, 1,300 kilometers, through the world’s most mountainous region to see it finished. In part it follows the old Silk Road, the original trade route from West to East. Sounds like a treat? Well, the road is bombarded by hazardous conditions. Landslides, rock falls, snow drifts, cliffs, storms, animals, and more. And that’s not even taking into account reckless drivers! But hey, you get some beautiful views!

Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

While we are in the east, let’s take a detour through the Guoliang Tunnel! In 1972, several villagers in a local Henan decided to do what their government wouldn’t: they blasted a .8 mile tunnel through a cliff of solid rock. While their gumption was welcome, they were lacking one small critical thing… road-building experience. But, 5 years later, thanks to their can-do attitude they were able to create a tunnel, 15 feet tall and 12 feet wide, just barely enough for two cars to pass.


The Road of Bones – Russia

Yeah, with a name like that you know you’re in for a tough one. The Siberian Road to Yakutsk works its way through some of the coldest parts of the world. To traverse this one you’ll need a robust 4×4 vehicle to navigate the muddy road. During July and August, the rain creates a beast of a bog making traffic jams for miles. To beat that take to the road during the winter when the freezing temps keep the ground and water frozen solid. Of course, there’s always the worry about being robbed in a traffic jam. Didn’t expect that did you?

The Pan America Highway – Alaska to Chile

Ok, this road isn’t as dangerous in its quality as other roads we’ve mentioned, but it certainly has its worries. For the most part, the highway is about as safe and maintained as the average highway in America. However, some portions of it run through riskier turfs. Portions of it run through Mexico and Central America, and Panama. On the Panama stretch you could have the good fortune to run into FARC Rebels. These guys have a bit of a bad habit of kidnapping and ransoming folks to fund their rebellion. So, ya know, keep your doors locked?


If you don’t want for your driveway or parking lot to find it’s way onto one of these lists, might we recommend working with us here at Sunrise Asphalt? We make sure the roads of Tucson and surrounding areas are the best they can possibly be. While we won’t be making any mile long, tiny-tunnels through cliffs, we will be making the highest quality asphalt surfaces you’ve ever driven on. Contact us for your project today!