Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog! We hope you October is going well, your Halloween is planned to be as safe as can be. Now, let’s get back to our area of expertise, shall we? Road repair. There is a lot that goes into it, more than most might expect, as there are a number of different moving pieces – and not just the vehicles!

road repair tucsonRoad Repair

You may have heard about a favorite pizza joint taking up the cause of filling in potholes earlier this year. Domino’s Pizza announced over the last summer that it was paying to have potholes filled in towns across the US, and some folks don’t appreciate the dystopian feel of a corporation such as Domino’s taking over a job that should be handled by governments. Now, we don’t know the logistics of their business and how they choose holes to fill, but no matter what it points to a truth.

Infrastructure is crumbling.

Roads are being used and abused and while the network of roads is constantly expanding, building new highways to connect cities and allow for more suburb developments, the state of them after the expansion isn’t high on many city government’s lists of To-Do’s. Why that is? Well, I can’t speak to the reason for that, we can speak to the process that goes into repairing a road!

Repairing a Public Road

First, let’s say you are going through the city of Tucson. You’ve driven down Speedway, hit a hole and it rattled your Kia something fierce. This is a public street so who do you even talk to? Head over to the City of Tucson website to make a repair request.  From there the city will schedule and allocate resources as they see fit. Which could mean it’s done right away, or more likely, it goes on the background as larger or more pressing projects get tackled.

Sometimes, whole stretches of road are scheduled to get redone and so fixing a pothole today might not serve any purpose since the whole road is going to be redone in the spring.

In the case of a pothole, they might tackle it with a throw-and-roll, spray injection, edge seal or patch. We’ve talked about those methods before elsewhere on the blog.

Now, if that incident occurred on a lot, or on a private street it goes slightly different.

Repairing Private Property, Lot, or Road

When roads need repair and it’s not up to the city to handle it, then the people are in control of how fast it gets fixed. If it happens inside a parking lot say, the management of that property will call out and hire a service like Sunrise Asphalt. Because they are paying for it directly through a private company, there is no delay in getting right to work, no hassle of finding funding. It is a much simpler process.

The client calls us up, discusses the details on the road and the repair they think is necessary. We are happy to then provide a free estimate in a timely manner. Our experts head out with the tools, materials, expertise, and owner supervision needed to ensure the job is completed exactly as it requires. Whether that’s a pothole, crack filling, coating, sealing, or resurfacing, we have the state-of-the-art equipment to get it done.

The process for all those repairs vary, and we can get into those another time. This is just an overview of the process, and for those who are calling in the for those repairs.

Possible Hiccups

In any road repair job, there are a few hiccups that might be encountered. Weather can delay a job’s estimated start and completion date, even if it’s handled by a contractor like Sunrise. There’s also the concern of having to close down or otherwise throttle traffic for a job.

Regardless of how it’s done, well-kept streets are crucial for the health of a metropolitan area, keeping vehicles in tip-top shape, and keeping repair costs at a minimum. If you have any asphalt road repairs that need doing, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re not in Tucson, find your best local business, or wait for Domino’s to step in, we suppose. We’ll see you next time on the Sunrise Asphalt blog, and have a Happy Halloween!