Happy New Year and welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog! We hope you have had wonderful holidays, time off, vacations, or however you celebrated the end of 2018! It’s a new year, which means one thing: in offices and homes all around the globe, people are making goals and resolving to be better. Whether to be more productive at work, lose a few pounds, give up smoking, experience and express gratitude more, whatever it may be everyone has something they could work on in 2019. Sunrise Asphalt is no different!

Our New Year Resolutions

Always Have Owner Supervision

Every job we do, from start to finish, whether a chip seal or complete repave, will have our owner on hand. We believe meeting with the face of the company makes us different from the rest, and knowing Les is on hand to ensure quality and answer questions makes Sunrise the company we are today.

Stay Local, Stay Family

Our business and our family is Tucson. Sunrise Asphalt has operated in Tucson for over 40 years and we aren’t going anywhere! We love our Tucson customers as friends and family and all they have to offer.

Stay Hungry, Keep Learning

We believe strongly in the power of knowledge. Being college educated gave us a great foundation for paving but the industry is always evolving and changing. That’s why we’ll keep going to industry seminars, master new processes and know the best ways to pave.

Always Have the Best Equipment on Hand

Through 2019, we will always use state-of-the-art equipment for every job. We will deliver the best product with the best tools available, no matter the task at hand! It’s what our customers have come to expect

Okay, you caught us. We do this every year!

These are just some of the reasons Sunrise Asphalt has 4.6 Stars on Google, why over 50% of our customer base are returning for more work or upkeep years (sometimes decades) later! 2019 is going to be no different. We will continue to serve our local Tucson area, providing the best paving and asphalt jobs with the most skilled hands available, all under the watchful eye of the owner. Every time.

But, it the quest for asphalt maintenance does take two to tango! So here are a few ‘resolutions’ you could make to ensure your asphalt has a long and wonderful life!

Keep a Clean Sweep

Make sure you are regularly sweeping up any debris that might be on the surface. The longer things get to sit, the more likely they are to be ground into the surface under tires or allow the build-up of water. Do this regularly and use the time to keep a vigilant eye out for developing weaknesses or cracks.

Tend the Drains

If your surface has a drainage system or basin, make sure there are no blockages. A crud-ed up drain is a surefire way to get water pooling and wearing away at the surface. Cut this off at the pass and your asphalt will last for many more years!

Fix the Cracks!

It’s going to happen, despite our best efforts, eventually, the asphalt will start to weaken and crack. That is just the nature of the beast, what with all the punishment they endure. To prevent a crack from spreading and getting worse (or letting in that dreaded moisture!) be sure to patch fill them or get them repaired as soon as possible.

So long as both you and we here at Sunrise Asphalt follow through with our 2019 New Year’s Resolution, we’ll be having a wonderful partnership. Here’s to another wonderful year of Sunrise Success!