Welcome back to another thrilling entry on the Sunrise Asphalt blog! Last time we talked about New Year Resolutions and how we are aiming to keep being the best asphalt pavement company in Tucson! We also talked a little bit about how you could help keep your asphalt surfaces well maintained. For some of our readers, they no doubt just had asphalt pavement installed! For you, that’s where this blog comes in handy! Today we are looking at the best practices to care for your asphalt pavement immediately following installation. So, without further ado, here is how to care for your new pavement!

New Asphalt Pavement Care Tips

Allow Curing Time

This might come as a surprise, but the pavement is not it’s strongest when first laid. That is because the asphalt materials, the aggregate, and seals etc. have not had sufficient time to bond together or ‘cure.’ When asphalt is fresh, it needs that time for the bond to develop. During this precarious time, if anything was to drive or park over the surface the structural integrity of the entire surface could be damaged! Anything that has any significant weight to it should be left off the surface for at least 24 hours to allow the layers of asphalt pavement to dry entirely before use.

Take it Easy

While asphalt pavement is an incredibly tough, sturdy surface it is of course still possible to damage it! Driving or parking improperly on it, placing undue stress (from things such as turning wheels on car or truck while parked, or putting a block under a motorcycle kickstand) can all add significant pressure in ways that can harm the fresh asphalt. While it is cured enough for driving, still be gentle as the pavement fully hardens and cures. Even then, particularly hot days can reheat the very top layers of the asphalt enough to make it semi-soft again and damage can be done if not properly planned for. Always pay attention and future you will be thankful you did!

Keep an Eye For Engine Oil

Few things will take the smile from your lips as damaged new pavement. To avoid it, be aware of what materials and fluids you are using on the pavement itself. Many oil-based products (fuel, engine oil, etc.) can damage pavement. Should you accidentally spill any, a quick clean up with a sponge, dry cloth, or even using a specialized cleaner just for the job, can remove the harmful chemicals from the surface. If not the pavement can get a gummy sort of texture, attracting dirt, dust, and debris. Is it the worst thing in the world? No, but it is unsightly and you just had it installed!

Follow these tips post-pavement installation and your asphalt should hold up quite nicely. Should you be ready for a newly paved surface, in need of repairs, or anything else that requires an asphalt expert, well, you know who to call! Sunrise Asphalt is the premier paving company in Tucson, and our expertise is second to none. Take a look at our completed jobs, read some success stories and trust what Sunrise can do for you!