Let’s not dilly dally too long on this intro, this time on the Sunrise Asphalt blog we are answering more frequently asked questions that crop up in our day-to-day. From asphalt sealing costs, to asphalt drying times and more we want to hit some questions we see crop up! So, pull up a chair, grab your coffee and let’s answer some Qs!

Asphalt Sealing Costs?

Everyone wants to know the cost to seal their asphalt, it makes sense! Unfortunately for pricing, every job, every driveway, every place is unique and if we were to throw out a number in a blog it would quickly be rendered useless! If you want an idea for asphalt sealing costs for your project (and are in the Tucson area!), give us a call or contact us and fill out our estimate form

Is Asphalt Cheaper Than Concrete?

Like asphalt sealing costs the answer is… it depends. There are many variables that influence the cost of laying asphalt pavement and concrete that can either drive them up or lower. Generally speaking, though, asphalt is cheaper to install than concrete.

low angle view, workers asphalt concreteHow Long Does It Take Asphalt to Dry?

As we mentioned the last time we took the blog to class, there are two things to consider when we talk about asphalt ‘drying.’ Drying is just the top layer of asphalt and will usually dry and become safe to drive over in about a day, day and a half. The other thing is ‘curing.’

How Long Does It Take Asphalt to Cure?

Curing takes a good bit longer. For asphalt to fully cure, every layer from the surface down through the foundation needs to harden together. This can take anywhere from six to twelve months depending on a few factors.

When Was Asphalt Invented?

Modern asphalt is typically dated to the 1800s, but that wasn’t the question, was it? Asphalt as a compound was first used over 7000 years ago as an adhesive and waterproofing technique. As for the second part of that question, the whole ‘invented’ thing, asphalt is a naturally occurring substance! It’s just how it is used that has changed over the years!

How Long Will a New Asphalt Driveway Last?

Properly maintained, sealed, and kept, a new asphalt driveway can last decades! That said, it isn’t uncommon for cracks or holes to develop over time. If you want to make sure the driveway lasts as long as possible, you will want to hop on those and repair them before the damage gets too widespread.

how asphalt is madeWhat Happens to Old Asphalt?

Asphalt is one of the most reusable construction materials in the world! When an older stretch gets tore up and removed, that’s not the end of it! No, that asphalt can get taken to an asphalt recycling plant to make new asphalt! The chunks are first broken down further, crushed to the necessary size for the process. The material is then mixed with fresh materials like hot mix and adhesives. This new asphalt is called Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (or RAP).

How Do I Prepare for Pavement Services?

First things first, you’ll need to make sure we have full access to the entire area needing work. No cars can be parked on the asphalt needing work, and you won’t want to have any gates preventing access. It might be a pain now, but it will save a load of headache later.

After Paving Is Done, Do I Need to Do Anything?

Other than practice patience and wait for the asphalt to dry? Not much! Wait a minimum of 24 hours for the surface layer to dry, though if it’s a particularly hot day (those that we are so familiar with) it can take longer for the surface to dry.

Who Are the Best Asphalt Company In Tucson?

That’s easy, Sunrise Asphalt! We’ve been paving Tucson for 40 years and we only get better at it! We are family-owned and operated and the owner is on-site supervising every job from start to finish, it’s what allows us to stand by our work every time.

Phew.  That was a whirlwind of questions and answers, we hope that touched on any you might have. Want to know more? Keep reading the blog, or if you are ready to get your asphalt paved give us a call and let’s answer the big question: How Sunrise Asphalt Can Help You!