Welcome back to another entry here at the Sunrise Asphalt blog and this time we are looking just a few short months into the future to talk about winterizing your driveway and sidewalks! Last year we covered a similar topic, though it may have been a little late for some readers to get the work done in time! We don’t want to make the same mistake and let anybody down so here it is, middle of September, and we are going to talk about what you need to do to make sure your driveway and walkways are up to snuff for the winter!

Winterize Your Ways

Let’s start with the main stretch we always discuss here at Sunrise Asphalt, the driveway. When it comes to your driveway there are several steps to take to ensure you’re ready for winter! For one, you should make sure your seal is up to date!

clean drivewayDriveway

Need Repairs?

Now is the time to get on it! Repair any cracks or fill in potholes as needed now before the possibility of moisture causes further damage to the driveway surface. We talk about repairing cracks, etc. a lot – and for good reason! The longer they go unattended the more damage that will need to be repaired, the costlier the repair.


We have talked about it time and time again, seal coating your asphalt is one of the best things you can do to maintain your surfaces in the long run. It protects the asphalt from exposure to the elements and helps with the chill. It’s one of our areas of expertise so if you need some professional services, give us a call and we’ll get your seal coat done right!

To Salt, or Not to Salt?

While snow isn’t as huge a concern for us in Tucson, ice can still form over our driveways and roads. If you need to de-ice your driveway, be careful and particular about what agents you use to get the job done! Salt and many chemical de-icers will damage the surface of your driveway, allowing for moisture to get into the asphalt and to freeze and crack.


Repair Cracks

Like driveway asphalt, concrete sidewalks can crack, chip, and otherwise get damaged.  Using a stiff brush to remove debris, clear out with a high-pressure water hose or an air compressor if you have on handy. Then just apply new concrete or crack filler and let dry.

Shifted Slabs

In many places, sidewalks are laid out in slabs, not as one long stretch. This kind of path can have a problem when the ground supporting the slabs shifts. If your sidewalk isn’t sturdy it can be dangerous to walk along even without frost or ice! Call in professionals (or notify the city if they are responsible for your walkway) and get it sorted straight away.

With the proper precautions, and the right steps during winter you can be sure your asphalt driveway and sidewalk are ready to withstand the winter! If you need repairs or a professional seal coat job, and you’re in the Tucson area, reach out! Sunrise Asphalt is the best in the biz and we are happy to help!