Welcome back to another thrilling adventure here on the Sunrise Asphalt blog! We have spent that last few entries talking about winterizing your driveway and sidewalk, doing your best to prep your surfaces for the fluctuating seasons. But you’re not the only person reasonable for safe driving conditions! What happens when the roads themselves need looking after? Are citizens supposed to call in an asphalt company to get potholes patched, or fix it themselves? No! This time on the blog, we are looking at road repair, what you need to know, and how you can help!


Road Repair – Who Handles It?


First let’s just mention that we are limiting this blog to our local area of Tucson. Other cities, other states, other countries may handle this process differently and we would hate to lead you astray. But, generally speaking this is how it works for the Tucson area!


Who To Call

The City of Tucson! Their normal work hours are Monday – Friday 8 AM to 5 AM. The normal business number is: (520) 791-3154


If calling after hours for a higher priority repair, call (520) 791 – 4144 


What’s The Problem

If you’re driving along and notice a road or intersection in need of repair, the next steps are dependant on what the issue is. Are the traffic lights malfunctioning? Is a big pothole giving everyone nightmares? Depending on the severity of the problem, the City of Tucson will reply with varying response. 


High Priority

These are the repairs that should be called in right away:


  • Obstructions in the roadways
  • Pedestrian or traffic signal malfunctions
  • Traffic control signs missing (ex: Stop or Yield signs)
  • Vegetation blocking traffic visibility
  • Pavement markings are damaged or obscured
  • Overflowing water, damaged landscape in medians
  • Flooded roads


Any of these scenarios, if not caught and repaired right away, can lead to serious problems and it is up to the city to fix it. But they can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why it’s up to us as citizens to do our part and let them know where the problems are, before they become dangerous.


If you see any of these High Priority problems in need of repair, call the standard number Mon-Fri 8 AM to 5 PM and the City will get to it. If however you find it after those hours or over the weekend call (520) 791 – 4144 to reach someone who can get it fixed as soon as possible.


Normal Priority

Of course, not everything is an absolute disaster that needs immediate repair. While it would be nice if the City took care of everything right when it was needed, that’s just possible potholesfinancially or with the time available. The following are repairs that while they’d be happy to know about them, might take a little bit for the City to get around to.


  • Potholes
  • Asphalt damage
  • Dirt road maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Debris in roads or right of ways
  • Alley grading
  • Overhanging vegetation in streets, sidewalks or median
  • Drainage & wash maintenance
  • Damaged speed humps
  • Missing or damaged traffic signs (that aren’t Stop or Yield signs)
  • Street light issues


Any of these are going to take a back seat to high priority problems, but that doesn’t mean you should hesitate to call them in. The sooner the better! For reporting normal priority road repairs, call the (520) 791-3154 number during normal business hours.

In addition to calling, you can use their website to submit a Service Request Form!


Hopefully, with enough notice, the City of Tucson will be able to get everything squared away making your commute safer to drive or your favorite road smoother to cruise. If your lot, driveway or other asphalt surface needs repair the onus is on you! Give us a call at Sunrise Asphalt and we will be happy to help you get your own road repair work handled!