2021 was landed and you know what that means! Resolutions! From eating better, doing a bit more exercise, or starting a new hobby, everyone takes the start of a new calendar as a time to start their own betterment. In that spirit, we whipped up some Asphalt-based New Year’s Resolutions that home and business owners might find valuable!

I Won’t Let Water Pool!

If you’re only going to take one of the things from this list to heart, let it be this one! We have talked at length, a bunch of times about how water is the number one enemy to a solid asphalt structure. It finds its way into microscopic cracks where it waits to freeze, expand, melt, and wreak havoc. Letting water sit and pool after a storm is just accepting potholes in the months to come. Instead, clear it away quickly when you see it, be proactive!

I Won’t Let Debris Gather!

Similar to letting water pool, letting debris accumulate is just asking for problems down the line. Debris that gathers will allow moisture to get trapped, again creating the potential for potholes. Debris also left to gather can be run over with a vehicle, pushed aside or dug into the asphalt itself (especially if it’s a particularly hot day, and we’ll have those soon enough!) damaging the surface and the integrity of the asphalt. If you have leaves and branches, clear them away, keeping a clean and clear driveway goes a long way to keeping your asphalt strong.

I Will Fix Holes Quickly!

The best offense is a good defense, and that means making repairs to damage when it first crops up, even if they seem ‘too small’ to worry about. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (there sure are a lot of sayings about being proactive!) so patch a crack or dent before it becomes a full-blown undercarriage destroying crater of a pothole. It might feel like more work, but really it’s just a little bit of work potentially more often. Don’t believe us? Let one pothole go and see how repairing the asphalt and the car suits you. Yeah, we don’t want that either!

I Will Seal (or Reseal) My Asphalt!

Getting your asphalt sealed can do you a whole lot of good, whether it’s sealing your personal driveway or a parking lot! 

Fights Oxidation

Oxidation is the deterioration that occurs as a result of exposure to the sun and air. As this occurs, the binding agents in the pavement begin to break down, dry, and crack which leads to potholes. Sealcoating the asphalt puts a barrier between the asphalt and the surrounding environment, slowing that oxidation process dramatically!  

Looks Good

While people are working hard in the gym to look their best, you can make your asphalt look great with a quick and simple sealcoat! This is important, especially for businesses. Your parking lot is the first thing your customers will encounter when they are coming to your property. What kind of message does it send if your pavement is faded and degraded? Sealcoating will make your pavement look fantastic, as it creates a uniform, clean surface and color. 

Improves Water-Resistance

If you’re doing your best to keep water from pooling, well here’s another step in a total moisture defense! You might be thinking, ‘But Sunrise, we’re in the desert – there isn’t any moisture!’ We’re here to tell you, even in the arid Southwest it can be a problem.  The dry air can cause pavement cracks and when the rain does come, even a little it gets to go right into those cracks and into the asphalt. Sealing not only slows down the formation of cracks, it keeps water from getting under the pavement.

I’ll Enjoy the Smooth Ride!

Enjoy it! If you’re keeping these New Years Resolutions you’ll have a great surface to drive and park on, which will keep your vehicles safe and secure. Enjoy it!

Want to know our resolutions? Check out this blog we did on just that two years ago: these are our resolutions every year and we stick to them! From all of us here at Sunrise Asphalt, we hope your 2021 is off to the right start!


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