We ended 2021 taking a look back at the previous years blogs, rounding up what we had covered for the year. That left us thinking – what are the most popular blogs we’ve written? We’ve been putting out monthly blogs for our readers for years now and you can sometimes forget all of the work that’s come before. So for this entry on the Sunrise Asphalt blog, as we get ready to dive into 2022 for real, we wanted to take a look at our 10 most popular blogs ever! This time we are continuing with the Top 5!


Top 5 Most Popular Sunrise Asphalt Blogs 

#5 Chip Seal Vs Asphalt

Many of our readers and customers come to us with a lot of questions of the different types of pavement they’ve heard of. This blog lays out the differences between chip seal and asphalt, and talks about which is better depending on the situation. 


“Chip seal vs asphalt, what’s the difference? What surface is better? If you’re looking at getting a driveway or street surface paved, you may have come across chip seal as a possible pavement option. Here at Sunrise Asphalt, we happen to be experts at both (naturally) and so we are here to help you understand what exactly chip seal is and what the differences are between it and asphalt. Find out which surface is for you and more!”


#4 Chip Seal, Slurry Seal, Seal Coating! What’s the Difference?

Like we said, customers have questions and we have answers! “Seal” is a word that pops up a lot in a number of different services we provide. That makes it incredibly confusing for people who are just looking for a surface to drive on without all the headache. For them, we whipped together this blog in 2020 that clearly lays out the differences!


#3 Should I Replace or Resurface My Driveway

Turns out we have a lot of visitors to the blog who are looking at their driveway and wondering “should I replace or resurface this thing?” At some point, either resurfacing or repaving your driveway are the best long-term solutions for the lifespan of your asphalt. All that minor damage can add up to major problems down the road (or driveway?). The question, then, is whether driveway resurfacing or driveway replacement is the better option. As usual, it depends. Today we’ll discuss the different factors at play to find the best option for your situation.


#2 5 Common Questions About Chip Seal Driveways

Looks like people have a lot of questions about chip seal driveways! What is chip seal? How long will chip seal last? How is chip seal maintained? Find out the answers to these and more! Here’s a quick answer for the curious:

“To create chip seal, a thin asphalt foundation is poured and then crushed stone is compacted over it. Then, a couple more layers of crushed stone are compacted on top of that. The end result is a stable and eye-catching driveway.”

And our Number 1 most popular blog is…


#1 Asphalt Temperatures and You!

This blog from almost 5 years ago (wow!) covers how asphalt holds on to heat and what the temperature of blacktop might feel like on your skin depending on the ambient temperature that day. Here’s a quote that gets right o it!


“Asphalt by its nature absorbs lots of heat. The dark color doesn’t reflect the light back into the environment but stores all as heat, and since the structure of asphalt is dense it retains that heat for longer. Asphalt can be 40-60 degrees hotter than the surrounding air temperature.”


Alright we did it! We covered the top 10 most popular blogs in Sunrise Asphalt history, at least by clicks and impressions (a bunch of digital advertising SEO mambo jumbo to be sure).  Hopefully taking a look back at these old pieces gave you new information and answered questions you had.


For us it tells us that our most popular blogs are ones that discuss the difference between services and materials, and walks you through tools, processes and more. With that in mind we’ll strive to continue to deliver great content for you every month!


Until next time!