We ended 2021 taking a look back at the previous years blogs, rounding up what we had covered for the year. That left us thinking – what are the most popular blogs we’ve written? We’ve been putting out monthly blogs for our readers for years now and you can sometimes forget all of the work that’s come before. So for this entry on the Sunrise Asphalt blog, as we get ready to dive into 2022 for real, we wanted to take a look at our 10 most popular blogs ever!


10 Most Popular Sunrise Asphalt Blogs #10 – #6


#10 Uses for Recycled Asphalt

Turns out people are always more than a little surprised when we talk about just how recyclable asphalt is! This blog talks about the main use of recycled asphalt.


“The big use of recycled asphalt is in paving, go figure. With over 90% of the roadways in the US being made up of asphalt, this means there are plenty of sources for this asphalt, and also a huge market for recycled asphalt pavement. For every road that has aged past the point of simple patching, there is now a stretch of used asphalt ready for recycling.”


#9 Asphalt Tools and How to Use Them

Is our audience a bunch of DIY-ers or new asphalt professionals? Who can say! But plenty of folks wanted to learn more about squeegees, rakes, tamps, crack hoes, and more!  Whether or not you’re patching a small piece in your driveway or out paving a mall’s entire parking lot you need to have the right tools for the right job.


#8 Sunrise Asphalt Q & A: Is Asphalt Toxic and More Questions

You’d think a big FAQ piece like this would be higher up on our list, after all it is frequently asked questions. But no matter. Want to know if asphalt is toxic? Is sealcoating asphalt necessary? What is bitumen? Here’s an example Q and A:

What is Bitumen?


You may have heard of bitumen when people discuss asphalt. That’s because they are one and the same! The two words are used interchangeably, with the US using asphalt and the UK preferring bitumen. Naturally occurring asphalt is also occasionally referred to as ‘crude bitumen.’ But again, they largely mean the same thing.


#7 How to Remove Oil Stains

Now this one doesn’t surprise us too much! Every homeowner has had to handle this problem at some point or another, stepping out of their car only to see their driveway has what looks like an oil slick tar pit built up in the middle of it. Cars leak oil unfortunately, it’s an all too common part of operation. But you don’t have to accept the stains! Find out how to keep your driveway looking fresh in this blog from 2019.


“Simple Green

Simple Green is a heavy duty, but environmentally friendly industrial cleaning product. Their range of industrial cleaners and degreasers can do the trick. If you have access to a pressure washer they even offer a concentrate for it that can take the stains from your driveway but not harm plants, lawns, or trees!”


#6 How to Cut Asphalt and Why You Might Want To

Another entry that answers some questions DIYers might have, this blog from 2019 talks about how to cut asphalt and the scenarios in which that might be necessary. Cutting asphalt doesn’t seem like it’d be an obvious thing, after all the whole idea behind asphalt is that it’s tough and durable! Well when it comes to pothole repair, cutting a fresh, straight line of asphalt and cutting back to the strong, stable structure can be necessary! 


“Now, cutting asphalt will put a lot of stress on the saw’s motor, and yourself if you’re not too handy with a power tool. If you are at all hesitant about your ability to do so, don’t sweat it. There are companies (like Sunrise Asphalt!) who work in asphalt all day everyday and have the right tools for the job. You don’t have to DAY (do anything yourself)!”


Phew, that went longer than we expected and we’re only halfway through! We’ll put a pin in this discussion for now and come back next time with the top 5 blogs! Until then for all your asphalt needs you know who to call! Sunrise Asphalt is here to make sure it’s all smooth sailing when it comes to your driveways, parking lots, and roads.


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